High and Low-temp Greaes 7029D

SINOPEC High and Low-temp Greaes 7029D are manufactured from a synthetic fluid , a special polyruea thickener and various well-chosen additives..According to GB/T 7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), Grease 7029D can be classified as follow:L-XEEHB2.



Features & Benefits

    ·  Outstanding performance over wide temperature

    ·  Excellent anti-wear performance

    ·  Exceptional retention and resistance to high temperature degradation

    ·  Optimum resistance to water washing


    ·  Grease7029D can meet the requirements of Specification ZD.002-2004


    ·  Grease 7029D is designed as a general purpose bearing greade worked over wide temperature

    ·  Suitable operation temperature ranged from: –50~160ºC, 200ºC in short term

Typical Properties

Item7029DTest Methods
 smooth buttery
Dropping Point,ºC264GB/T3498
1/4 Penetration,0.1mm285GB/T269
Appearance Viscosity(-30ºC,10s-1),Pa·s850SH/T0048
Evaporation Loss(150ºC,1h),wt%2.4SH/T0337
Corrosion Test(steel, 100ºC,3h)passGB/T0331


    ·  Do not mix two different greases in one application because the greases may react chemically and deteriorate. Mixtures are, at best, a compromise between the characteristics of the two

    ·  Keep grease from being contaminated by water and dust during storage and transportation