4513-1 Synthetic Compressor Oil

SINOPEC 4513-1 Synthetic Compressor Oil is blended with highly refined synthetic base oil and high performance additives with balanced formulation. It is especially suitable for screw type compression and refrigeration system of hydrocarbon gas.





    ♦ Good lubricity and viscosity-temperature performance, effectively facilitating long term stable operation of compressor

    ♦ Excellent thermal stability and anti-foaming ability, preventing oil from damage in high temperature

    ♦ Having peculiar solubility and separation performance for alkane

    ♦ Good adaptability to metallic and non-metallic materials, having functions of increasing volume efficiency, reducing energy consumption and prolonging service life of machine

    ♦ With excellent performance of high flash point, low freezing point, low ash content, and no carbon residue


The product meets the following specifications:

    ♦ Q/SH PRD120-2008


    ♦ Suitable for lubrication of various kinds of large-sized screw compressors taking light hydrocarbon as medium and used in oil/gas field, petrochemical and natural gas processing

    ♦ Applied temperature range: -35ºC ~150ºC

Typical properties

Items4513-1  synthetic compressor oil
AppearanceTransparent  liquid of red brown
Kinematic viscosity (40ºC), mm2/sProvided  as per requirement
Viscosity index, not less than170
Flash point (COC), ºC, not less than220
Freezing point, ºC, not higher than-40
Neutralization number, mgKOH/g, not larger than0.2
Water content, % (m/m), not larger than0.2