Our core values


The core values of Sinopec Corp. reiterates the importance of putting people first, operating responsibly, upholding integrity, pursuing excellence, advancing innovation and achieving win-win developments.


People: Guided by the needs of our clients and our stakeholders, we focus on providing first-class products and services. Sinopec Corp. employees drive our company and we work hard to provide them with a good working environment and career development opportunities for a better life.


Responsibility: Our employees carry forward the enterprise spirit of “loving our country and revitalising the petrochemical industry” and are committed to helping the company grow. We contribute to our host countries by fulfilling our corporate responsibility and focusing on economic, legal and social betterment.


Integrity: We view integrity as the cornerstone of our growth, and operate in a law-abiding, honest and disciplined manner to build a reputation that is grounded in respect.


Excellence: We advocate to work with prudence and meticulous attention to detail. We pursue precision in all our business activities, be it production and operations, or management and technology, and we always strive to improve our approach to management.


Innovation: We follow an innovation-driven strategy that pushes our development and growth forward, and we incorporate forward-thinking strategies that encourage technological innovation, improved management and a cutting-edge business model, to build an outstanding enterprise.


Collaboration: Our business activities are based on the principles of inclusiveness, sincere cooperation and mutual harmony. We respect international and regional laws, regulations and cultures. We strive to provide value to our customers. Our long-term goal is to achieve win-win cooperation and common prosperity with all stakeholders.