Targeted poverty alleviation


Advocating “Big enterprise undertakes greater responsibility”, Sinopec Corp. adheres to the concept of benefiting the people with corporate development, and conducts targeted poverty alleviation to eradicate poverty. Centering on infrastructure construction, industrial development, education support, labor trainings and medical healthcare, we help impoverished areas and local people to improve their capability of sustainable development and aim to realise a picture of poverty alleviation with targeted objects, targeted programme planning, targeted utilisation of funds, targeted measures based on households, targeted personnel based on village and targeted poverty elimination effect.


In 2017, we increased efforts to implement the "Five Batches of People" project to eradicate poverty by developing production, relocation, ecological compensation, education, as well as by guaranteeing basic living standards. RMB 128 million was allocated for targeted poverty alleviation, helping 27,759 registered people out of poverty and aiding 3,146 students. Meanwhile, the headquarters continued to conduct Tibet and Qinghai aid programmes investing RMB 26 million and carrying out 9 programmes.