Environmental protection


Sinopec Corp. has always paid high attention to environmental protection. We strictly obey Environmental Protection Law and other related laws and regulations on air, water and soil pollution prevention. We have built relevant management system, enhancing the headquarters’ role in guiding and supervising as well as the subsidiaries’ role in enforcement.


In 2017, we implemented the new standards in refining and petrochemical industry, completed the treatment of sewage and flue gas, and actively conducted the comprehensive treatment of VOCs. We finished the compilation and amendment of emergency plans for environmental emergencies and heavy pollution weather, complying with the relevant national requirements. According to the national pollution permit and self-monitoring technology guidelines in relevant industries, we modified the self-monitoring plan, and implemented new requirements of sewage, flue gas and noise, and disclosed the results. We further regulated environmental management of construction projects, enhanced assessment, and implemented “three-simultaneity” management (environmental facilities shall be designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously with the main construction). All of the newly-built projects have obtained approval from the authorities. Meanwhile, some subsidiaries which are listed as key pollutant discharge unit have disclosed environmental information as required. Details may be referred to the websites of local governments. In 2017, the expenditure of environmental protection of Sinopec Corp. was about RMB 7.85 billion.