Fulfilling responsibilities abroad


Sinopec Corp. implements the strategy of going global and actively conducts overseas operation, promoting development of local economy, as well as upgrading of manufacturing industry chain and improvement of employment rate. The Company invests in 4 oil and gas exploration and extraction projects in Kazakhstan, Russia, Columbia and Angola, and 6 refining & chemical and warehousing logistics projects in five countries including Holland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Sinopec EPEC actively fulfills the Belt and Road Initiative, promotes “Made in China” to go global and brings in prime products, and realises communication between people through trading and capital financing & investment, adding new driving forces to shared sustainability. In April 2017, EPEC launched the international business platform to help more enterprises from different countries to enter each other’s market and facilitate people to have easy access to superior products and services, meeting people’s growing needs for a better life.


The overseas subsidiaries value localised operation and drive development of local economy and improvement of local people’s life. Under the framework of building international talent pool and recruiting local employees, adhering to labour policies that advocate equality, freedom and zero discrimination, we provide jobs for local people, protect employees’ legitimate rights & interests and safety, and hold professional skill trainings for local employees. We fully respect the local traditions and religious belief. We conduct surveys on legal compliance in environmental management in countries where businesses are located. We comprehensively sort out laws and regulations on management of “Three Wastes”, protection of water resource, biological diversity and land protection, etc. The environmental management compliance rate reached 100%.