Our stakeholders


Sinopec Corp. fulfils its responsibilities as a global corporate citizen by conducting business that serves society. We integrate a people-oriented approach to corporate culture and practices.


    • Our diversified portfolio, including energy resources such as crude oil and natural gas, refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, and petrochemical products with thousands of varieties, contributes to social and economic development and satisfies hundreds of millions of families.


    • We operate honestly and pay taxes in accordance with the law to contribute to national revenue and boost social development and prosperity.


    • We commit to realising sustainable development of the company and upholding stable and continuous dividend pay-out policy to return to shareholders.


    • We focus on leading and cooperating with our partners along the upstream and downstream industrial chain, aiming to enhance sustainability and achieve win-win results.


    • We guarantee employee rights, provide good working environment and optimise career development channels that show respect for our employees and promote decent work.


    • We engage in local communities by safeguarding community safety, protecting the environment, participating in local economic development projects, carrying out poverty alleviation programmes and sharing our corporate development with local residents.