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China Petrochemical Technology Company, Ltd.

China Petrochemical Technology Company, Ltd. (SINOPEC TECH) is a holding subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) with main business of licensing to clients world-wide the refining and petrochemical technologies with proprietary technologies of SINOPEC, as well as technical services including engineering and consulting.

The predecessor of SINOPEC TECH was SINOPEC Technology Company which was established in 1990. In 2005 the company was restructured to be a company limited. With support of the R&D expertise and engineering resources from SINOPEC, SINOPEC TECH provides packaged solutions to clients. Especially in terms of refining, SINOPEC TECH provides a technical package solution toward fuel oriented, fuel & lube oil oriented or chemical material oriented refinery with maximum processing capacity of 10,000 KMTA, with some of the fuel products meeting the requirements of Euro. V. And in terms of petrochemicals, SINOPEC TECH provides packaged solution on ethylene production with capacity of 1,000KMTA. The cracking furnace is capable to the feedstocks such as ethane, light hydrocarbons, NGL, naphtha, light gasoline oil and HVGO.

SINOPEC TECH implements the developing strategy of SINOPEC by integrating and accumulating decades of experiences on R&D, design and engineering, actively participating in international technology market and improving the market share continuously. Till now SINOPEC TECH has already provided several refining and petrochemical technologies to the clients of Russia, Thailand and Romania, as well as having built good cooperation relationships with many international licensors and engineering corporations.

SINOPEC TECH will continue to deepen reforming and enhancing technical services to improve the trademark value of SINOEC TECH, and contribute to building SINOPEC into a competitive international energy and chemical company. 

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