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SINOPEC Exploration & Production Research Institute

Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute of SINOPEC (PEPRIS) is an integrated research institute focused on oil and gas exploration and production of SINOPEC. Established in 2000, PEPRIS is headquartered in Beijing with three branches in Urumqi Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Wuxi Jiangsu Province and Hefei Anhui Province respectively. PEPRIS now holds two key laboratories under SINOPEC,the Key Laboratory of Petroleum Pooling and the Key Laboratory of Multiwave Seismic ,and a post-doctor program. Oil and Gas Geology, Petroleum Geology and Experiment are published by PEPRIS.

PEPRIS was originated from seven petroleum geology research institutions of the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources (MGMR). With over 40 years’ history and 10 years’ development experience, PEPRIS now serves as an advisory department of petroleum E&P and upstream development strategy, R&D and service department of upstream key technologies, and information and geological data center of petroleum E&P. In addition, PEPRIS has formed its distinguished techniques and expertise in petroleum E&P strategic planning, petroleum reservoir forming theory and resources assessment for marine carbonate sequence, efficient development of fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs, development technologies for specific gas reservoirs, specific reservoir prediction technologies, geochemical petroleum exploration technologies and testing & experimenting analysis. PEPRIS is capable of consulting for Class-A qualified engineering projects; the Petroleum Geology Experimental & Testing Center and the Geochemical Testing Center have passed the National Measurement Accreditation.

PEPRIS’ international business focuses on block screening & assessment of overseas projects, technical support for key E&P projects and strategic research & planning for middle- and long-term overseas oil and gas development. PEPRIS’ domestic business covers providing advices and support for SINOPEC’s E&P decision-making and technical support for E&P activities in Northwest China, North China, Northeast China and Sichuan Basin( known as “San Bei Yi Chuan”). PEPRIS also undertakes and organizes researches on national/mistrial key projects. We have been focusing on R&D of our core technologies and distinctive technologies and their applications.

In 2011,under correct leadership of the party organization of the Group and strong support from offices at headquarter and brother units, all employees, motivated by creating upstream long board for SINOPEC and regarding meeting with the need of the Group as their mission,worked even more to provide good technical services and promote interior level of management,and made great success in the technological innovation. PEPRIS has achieved a good beginning of Twelfth Five-Year plan. Over the past year, PEPRIS served for overseas E&P strategic layout and demand; make contributions to the Twelfth Five-Year plan of SINOPEC overseas. With our help, SIPC successfully acquired 8 oversea projects. And PEPRIS has made well technical support for projects in Syria, Angola, Andes and ADDAX etc. PEPRIS provided very well support for the sustainable development of SINOPEC’s foreign business. Over the past year, PEPRIS persist in providing good technical support for SINOPEC’s E&P activities in Northwest China, North China, Northeast China and Sichuan Basin. And made great contributes to increasing oil and gas reserve and output in Tarim, Yuanba, Daniudi and Yingyaotai oil and gas fields. At the same time, PEPRIS played a very active role in unconventional oil and gas R&D, signed strategic partnership agreement with oil and gas branch company in North China, Jianghan oil and gas branch company and oil and gas branch company in East China. In 2011, PEPRIS completed a lot tasks including demonstration the potential of increasing oil and gas reserve and production, to organize and complete report on the 2030 upstream technology development plan. PEPRIS launched strategic research surrounded by target selection and evaluation, global balance of oil and gas in 2011. Throughout 2011, PEPRIS focused on main business, set the stage and system, and completed all tasks with higher quality. Also in 2011, the Key Laboratory of petroleum pooling and the Key Laboratory of multiwave seismic was unveiled in PEPRIS in Beijing. Nowadays, the framework of marine petroleum research laboratory has been finished; the new base in Wuxi has come into service. As to the R&D and practical application of scientific research, PEPRIS has made great progress in many fields including multi-wave and multi-component 1.0, high temperature thermal gel plugging agent etc.

PEPRIS has established business relationships with several oil companies and enterprises and partnered with research institutions and universities home and abroad. Integrity, collaboration, innovation and execution are identified as the most important common values of the PEPRIS in its R&D activities. With strong institutional capacity and personal capabilities, PEPRIS has integrated reform, management and innovations and is ready to contribute to the realization of the national energy development strategy and sustainable development of SINOPEC.

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