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SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry

Founded in the June of 1958, SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry (BRICI) is among the pioneers in China dedicated to comprehensive researches for the petrochemical industry. Its history can be traced to the August of 1922 when the famous patriotic industrialist Mr. Fan Xudong and the famous scientist Dr. Hou Debang founded the Huanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry in Tanggu, Tianjin. Nowadays, BRICI has evolved into a modern institute with 3 operation sites in Beijing. Its headquarter is located on the inner side of the Third Ring Road with a beautiful campus, convenient transportation access and comfortable living environment; Its well equipped Pilot Plant Site is located in Tongzhou district, providing multiple functions for pilot scale research; Yanshan Division is neighboring Yanshan Petrochemical, with convenient access to a variety of feedstock and utilities for bench and pilot plant tests. In line with Sinopec’s optimization and integration of corporate R&D resources, BRICI set up Qilu Branch, Yangzi Branch, and Yanshan Resin Branch in 2010.

Targeted for a world class innovative research institute of the petrochemical industry, BRICI takes the chances and challenges to serve the nation for its scientific development and change of economy growth model. BRICI has actively implemented the strategies for technology leadership, product differentiation and sustainable development, and has built a sound foundation and advantage in the areas of industrial catalysis, organic synthesis, polymerization, plastics processing, synthetic rubber, environmental protection for chemical industry, chemical engineering, analysis and characterization, and information technology application. BRICI is home to a few national centers, such as National Engineering Research Center for Polyolefins, National Engineering Research Center for Synthesis of Novel Rubber and Plastic, National Quality Inspection Center for Basic Organic Raw Materials, National Test Center for Chemical Construction Materials, and National Quality Inspection Center for Polymer Materials and Products. BRICI also publishes a few influential academic magazines such as Petrochemical Technology, Environment Protection in Chemical Industry, and Petrochemical Newsletter, of which Petrochemical Technology was among the RCCSE Choice of Periodicals.

BRICI owns one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 57 professor level senior engineers, and 371 senior professionals. Regarding educational background, 193 of them have doctorate degrees and 260 are masters. Dr. Luo Shuiyuan joined BRICI in 2011 under the government funded Thousand Talents Program. BRICI also grants master degrees to candidates in two programs, and has been authorized to recruit post-doctors to work in its post-doc workstation.

By the end of 2011, BRICI has totally filed 2140 patent applications in China with 736 granted and 469 applications overseas with 182 granted. BRICI has won 303 provincial or ministry level awards for its achievements in science and technology, including three National Prizes for Technology Invention, two First National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, seven Second National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, and one China Gold Prize for Invention. BRICI plays a key role in the development and industrial application of large scale package technologies of one million MTA ethylene, 300 K MTA polyethylene, 300 K MTA polypropylene, C5 separation, ethylene trimerization to hexene-1, solution styrene-butadiene rubber and SBS, providing strong support to the domestication of some major petrochemical technologies. The large scale ethylene cracking furnace technology has been applied to the construction of 63 ethylene cracker units, with total capacity of 5.27 million MTA. The large scale PP package technology has been applied to 28 PP units, with total capacity of 5.39 million MTA. BRICI has also developed 31 types and 51 grades of petrochemical catalysts, including catalysts for ethylene polymerization, propylene polymerization, catalysts for hydrogenation in front-end depropanization process, C2 selective hydrogenation, C3 selective hydrogenation, C3 catalytic distillation, pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation, low temperature methanation, olefin de-CO / de-hydrogen / de-acetylene / de-oxygen, Ethylene oxy-chlorination, ethylene oxidation to EO, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, organic amide, and metallocene PE catalysts. In the area of new synthetic materials, BRICI has developed highly marketable resin grades such as PE100 grade for gas pipes, high speed and high stiffness BOPP, specialty PP grades for auto bump, high impact PP, high crystallinity PP, and rubber grades such as ternary integrated rubber(SIBR), transparent styrene-butadiene resin,SIS,LCBR,SB block copolymer,brominated butyl rubber (BIIR), rare earth isoprene rubber (NdIR). Moreover, BRICI provides technologies for applications in energy saving, pollution treatment, waste reduction and recycled use, thus to help in clean production, cost reduction, and profitability boosting. 
BRICI are also successful in international market for technologies such as ethylene cracking technology, propylene polymerization catalyst technology, SBS technology, and products such as C2 selective hydrogenation catalysts, C3 selective hydrogenation catalysts, PE catalysts and PP catalysts, and nano rubber powder grades.

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