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SINOPEC Qingdao Safety Engineering Institute

SINOPEC Qingdao Safety Engineering Institute (SSEI) is an organization directly managed by SINOPEC, an important base of HSE science and technology innovation, technology progress, and applied development for SINOPEC, a safety engineering research institute which has outstanding predominance in safety technologies for petroleum and petrochemical industries in China, and also a main support organization for national hazardous chemical accident prevention and control, risk assessment for industrial safety, and certification for occupational health and safety management systems.

We take it for granted that SSEI should provide the world’s leading HSE management technology support for petrochemical industries, and pay great attention to the functions of safety technology development, technology services and training, and so on. Developed by more than 30 years, SSEI has developed our own characteristic technologies and professional power in process and facility safety for safe production in petroleum and petrochemical industries, storage and transportation safety and engineering technologies, workplace safety, product safety, fire and explosion accident experiments and simulation researches, lightning and electrostatic hazard control, chemical reactivity identification and control, safety detector test and development, hazardous condition appreciation and improving engineering design and construction, clean production technologies, occupational health and health surveillance, safety management, construction project supervision and safety information construction, etc, and obtained more than 180 national and industrial scientific achievements. SSEI has won more than 63 scientific and technical prizes and invention prizes above province and ministry, including 2 First Prize by the State Administration of Work Safety, 2 First Prize, 9 Second Prize, 15Third Prize by SINOPEC. We have applied for 64 Chinese invention patents with 30 granted. We have published “Safety, Environment and Health” and “Electronic Journal Staff Safety”. National Key Chemical Safety Control Laboratory, which is one of national key laboratories for 36 enterprises, has been established at SSEI. It has reflected the comprehensive scientific power of SSEI in domestic chemical safety research field. SSEI is equipped with more than 300 sets of scientific apparatuses which involve various fields such as process assessment etc, lightning and electrostatic hazard prevention and control, facility corruption assessment, including mini chemical reactivity test instrument, lightning and electrostatic hazard control test apparatus corruption control test instrument and various chemical analysis devices.

SSEI has more than 410 scientific staff. This is a scientific team who has the courage of innovation and outstanding predominance and is making their best to construct SSEI into HSE research base of advanced world levels, HSE service center, and HSE training school, and into domestic top and world’s leading safety scientific institute.

We take our way all along, inherit the past and usher in the future, keep our enterprising spirit, insist on our work policy of “Responsibility, Actual Work, Being Mindful of Risk and Opening up”, keep up with the Times, focus on people, and conduct as a guide in safety scientific advance in petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Close attention to safety and deep care for lives. We look forward to handing in hand with you to initiate the nice future and create harmonious society together.

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Address: 218 Yan'an 3rd Rd, Qingdao, Shandong. 
Post code: 266071 
Tel: 86-532-83786201(institute office);86-532-83786267(Information Center) 
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Website: http://www.qdrise.com.cn