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SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering (Sripe) was founded in June 2009, originated from Dezhou Petroleum Drilling Research Institute of Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute and Asset Management Corporation Dezhou Branch of Shelfoil Oil and Gas High Technology, in order to meet the demands of petrochemical development, improve the technological innovation system of petroleum engineering, optimize the integration of the scientific and technological resources, lead and accelerate the development of petroleum engineering technologies, and also to attain upstream advantages and lay a strong technical foundation for upstream development.

Sripe is an affiliate of Sinopec Group; it is a wellbore technique research and development organization. Sripe is the brainpower of Sinopec in petroleum engineering technique development, the research/development center of the high and new petroleum engineering techniques and the supporting center of domestic and international petroleum engineering. Sripe is mainly responsible for the research on the petroleum engineering development strategy, planning, deploy of petroleum engineering and techniques; organization and deployment of major project research of basic and foreseeing importance; organization and deployment of the developmentof equipment, tools, apparatus, instruments and software, including the transfer/application of the scientific payoffs. And Sripe is also responsible for the centralized management of the information, archives and the research work on technical standard establishment (revision); the tracking and analysis of the international petroleum engineering and technique development; assistance in the training of the high level engineering technicians of the Sinopec; participation in the major project research work of oil/gas exploration and development at home and abroad and the provision of technical supporting. 
Sripe is mainly engaging in the develop planning, intensifying research, technical support, products research /development /popularization and application on oil/gas well drilling, completion, well logging and mud logging, well testing, reservoir reformation, and offshore petroleum engineering. Its main responsibilities are to organize, carry out the national and Sinopec petroleum engineering projects, and to popularize and apply the achievements. The main researches include development strategies and basic theoretical researches of petroleum engineering, supporting technology of deep and ultra deep well drilling, cementing technology, advanced completion technology, well testing technology, drilling fluid technology, reservoir protection technology, offshore drilling and completion technology, well logging and mud logging technology, reservoir stimulation technology, petroleum engineering information and the research and development of new equipment, tools and materials.

The headquarters of Sripe is in Beijing. Its two branch institutes, Shengli Branch and Zhongyuan Branch, and one subsidiary, Shelfoil Petroleum Equipment and Services Co., Ltd, are outside Beijing.

There have established seven laboratories with all in readiness including the drilling simulation, drilling fluids, reservoir protection, cementing & well completion, well logging & mud logging, reservoir stimulation and rock mechanic, equipped with rock mechanic tri-axial stress meter, simulating experiment apparatus on reservoir damage, HTHP rheometer, gel strength analyzer and drilling simulation experiment stand, which are all of internationally advanced level; the test bases and professional mobile laboratories in Dezhou of Shandong, Luntai of Xinjang and Dazhou of Sichuan.

Distinguished technical series have been formed on the basis of deep well & ultra-deep well drilling technique under complicated geologic environment, covering such petroleum engineering key technology areas as the describing technology on drilling related geologic environment, deep well and ultra-deep well drilling, the drilling technique through ultra-thick gypsum/salt formation, the electromagnetic wave measuring technique while drilling, rotary percussion drilling, the techniques of lost circulation prevention and plugging in complicated formations, the anti-channeling cementing technique in high pressure oil/gas well; one after another, have organized or participated the intensifying research for more than 100 state and Sinopec major projects, such as 863 project, 973 project, China Mainland Scientific Drilling project and etc., and was rewarded times and again by state government, province/ministry level and Sinopec. Great contribution has been made for the breakthrough of the exploration & development and in the reserve increase & production capacity establishment in the areas like the Tahe oilfield, the Northeast area of Sichuan and the Daniu area of Ordos.

Possess strong research/ development and production capacity of the petroleum drilling equipment, tools, instruments and oilfield assist agents, and has the biggest cementing tools research/development and production base in China; the products like the liner hanger and etc. have taken the leading position in home market and exported to more than 30 countries in Middle East, Middle Asia, North America and Africa; evident results have achieved in technical services on the horizontal drilling, cementing technique, drilling fluids technology and lost circulation prevention and plugging techniques 
Possess the Class A qualifications and certificates of the National engineering consultation, the certifications of the management system like ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and SY/T6276; has established the key periodical “Petroleum Drilling Techniques” in Chinese.

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