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Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute

Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute (SGRI), a subsidiary of the Sinopec Corp., is one of the advisory departments for geophysical prospecting technology development. It serves as the R&D center for advanced and core technology on geophysics; the developing and popularizing center for geophysical software; and the technical supporting center for significant geophysical prospecting projects. SGRI has five research institutes devoting to geophysical strategic planning, seismic acquisition, seismic imaging, reservoir geophysics and geophysical software development, and three centers for geophysical experiments, seismic processing & interpretation, and geophysical information studies, respectively.

The responsibilities of SGRI are mainly conducting technological development strategy planning and deploying; R&D on basic, pilot and key technologies; developing and popularizing geophysical software products; dynamic tracking and piloting application of new techniques; and providing all-round geophysical technical support and services. SGRI will provide solid geophysical technical support for SINOPEC oil and gas exploration and production, lead technical progress in geophysics for Sinopec Corp., and make its own significant contribution to achieve the strategy for Chinese resource development.

SGRI boosts a host of solid R&D capability in geophysical techniques, advanced computing facilities and laboratory equipment. It has developed a series of distinct techniques and proprietary software products in 3-D seismic, high-precision seismic, borehole seismic, multi-wave, multi-component seismic etc., and in fields such as theoretical study on geophysics, exploration project design, data processing and analysis, complex structure imaging and complex reservoir prediction. SGRI has presided and conducted research projects on hydrocarbon exploration methodologies and technologies applicable to extensive areas including Southern China, Western China, North China, and East China Sea, etc., which has made remarkable contributions in successful discovery and expanding reserves of a number of oil/gas fields. 

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