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SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company

SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company (Yanshan Company for short), situated in the southwest of Beijing, is an super large petrochemical complex directly under Sinopec. At present, it possesses 63 production units and 68 auxiliary production units. It processes over 10 million tons crude oil and produces over 800,000 tons ethylene product annually. It can produce 94 varieties with 431 grades of petrochemical products. It is one of the largest production bases of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, phenol acetone and high-quality refined oil products in China. The company was founded in 1967, and it became the first integrated refining and petrochemical complex in 1970. By the end of 2011, it has processed in total more than 270 million tons of crude oil and produced 16.16 million tons of ethylene products,making great contributions to the national economy. 

The company is China’s first 10 million refining base with production of Euro Ⅳstandard high-quality oil product, and it is also the leading enterprise ensuring energy security of the capital city. The company supplies a variety of products, such as gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, lubricant base oil, paraffin, sulfur, etc. The company is dedicated to providing the market with clean energy which leads the upgrading of oil product quality in China. With the production of unleaded gasoline in 1997, the company remained a leading position in the production and supply of high-quality oil product, such as Euro II standard oil product in 2004, Euro III standard oil product in 2005 and Euro IV standard oil product in 2008. It took the company 10 years to finish the quality upgrading process, which took more than 20 years in the developed countries. 

The company has constantly developed its independent innovation ability, and actively undertook scientific research projects in Sinopec, it has reached the domestic advanced level in the fields of clean oil products, energy conservation and emission reduction, research and development of new types of synthetic rubber, and it has produced a series of unique and first class high-end products in China. Synthetic resin includes LDPE, HDPE,EVA, polypropylene and modified dedicated resins, with annual output of 1 million tons and performance material ratio up to over 82%, it could fully meet the customers’ requirements. Synthetic rubber includes butadiene rubber, SBS, SSBR and butyl rubber among which the butadiene rubber reaches world advanced standard, and has won national prize for science and technology progress and got the national quality golden award for three consecutive times; the butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber even fills in the vacancy in Chinese technology field. Basic organic chemical raw materials include ethylene, propylene, butadiene, phenol, acetone, benzene, glycol, styrene, etc. Materials like PIA, MX and 1-hexene have already become substitutes for imported goods and the best-sellers. 

Based on the required management model of Sinopec, the company constantly advances management innovations, proposed the working concept of “Work well and strive for perfection”, improved the assessment and incentive mechanism and formed closed-loop management system. The company has positively and steadily promoted the professional restructuring, and smoothly and orderly built the professional and flat hieracy management system as the first attempt to transform to a modern enterprise. Speeding up the informationization construction with the concept of “Digital Yanshan, Intelligent Plant” as well as pushing forward the integration of management and control has promoted the company’s systematical transition from traditional management to modernized management. Sinopec and the Beijing Municipality render great support to the development of the company. The cooperation between Fangshan District and the company has increasingly deepened. With the company as the core, the construction of Beijing Petrochemical New Materials High-Tech Base is advancing, and ranked as one of the first approved “National New Industrialization Demonstration Bases” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

In recent years, the company has been awarded the Mayday Work Prize; the nation’s corporate culture demonstration base; National “An Kang Cup” demonstration enterprise, China environmental friendly enterprise, the nation’s 10 most contributed enterprises for energy conservation and emission reduction; the honor of the state occupational hygiene demonstration enterprise, listed in the nation’s 50 best energy resource green enterprise, and the advanced grass-root party organization among central SOEs. 

The company has fulfilled its historic duty of “Great Enterprise, Great Contribution” all the way, adhering to the core value of “common growth for employees and the enterprise, harmonious development for the enterprise and the society”. It also insists on the growth pattern of “energy conserving, environmentally friendly, technology innovative and safety”, accelerating the pattern of development transition, pursuing excellece in production, management, HR, etc., The company is determined to become an internationally competitive petrochemical enterprise, and strives to be a pioneer in Sinopec Group.