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SINOPEC Qilu Company

Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Corporation, located in Zibo city, Shandong province, with 24.8 square kilometers area, is a super-large refining, chemical, fertilizer and chemical fiber manufacturer integrated with petroleum, salt, coal, natural gas chemical process. 

Over 40 years’ growth since 1966, Qilu has been equipped with facilities for 10.5 million tons refinery, 800 thousand tons ethylene, 1.1million tons synthetic resin, 450 thousand tons caustic soda, 300 thousand tons rubber, 450 thousand tons benzenes, 435 thousand tons alcohols, 480 thousand tons urea, and 500 thousand kilowatt cogeneration. There are over 120 grades of petrochemical products: gasoline, kerosene, diesel, PE, PP, PVC, synthetic rubber/fiber. Production of butanol/2-EH, SBR and PVC (ethylene method) is among the top ranks in China. 

Recent years witnessed great effort by Qilu to build a state-own enterprise of high economic, political and social responsibilities through ways of resource conservation, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction under the guiding principle of scientific outlook on development and improving internal controls. By the end of 2011, Qilu has accumulatively processed 283 million tons of crude and produced 11.98 million tons ethylene. Qilu was listed among Top 100 enterprises for scientific and technological progresses, won “Golden Horse” award for enterprise management, Mayday Work Prize, Advanced Collective Unit for National Accounting Work, Advanced Collective for Comprehensive Utilization of National Resources, and Advanced Collective for Corporate Affairs Transparency and Excellence Unit for National Political Works. 

The year 2011 saw Qilu’s success in achieving its promises of zero HSE accident and maximizing economic returns. The company set as a working theme “strengthening management for better performance” and as a working guidance “better production, systematic management, more training and enterprise harmony building”. It made steady progresses in the main product output throughout the year by refining 10.72 million tons of crude, producing 5.98 million tons oil products, 852 thousand tons of ethylene, 1.147 million tons of plastics, 460 thousand tons of caustic soda, 404 thousand tons of rubber, 331 thousand tons of butanol/2-EH, 63.5 thousand tons of acrylonitrile, 592 thousand of acrylic fiber and 3.86 billion kilowatt-hours cogeneration. Crude processing, oil products, rubber and acrylonitrile production hit a new record. Meanwhile, Qilu has become the biggest rubber producer in China. 

Address: 15 Huangong Road, Linzi, Zibo, Shandong. 
Post Code: 255408 
Tel: 86-533-7180777 
Fax: 86-533-7180406 
Email: bgs.qlsh@sinopec.com