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SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Company

Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Company (formerly named as Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company) is the first significant achievement of the nation’s state-owned enterprises reorganization. 

On November 1981, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company was set up with the approval of the State Council, so as to take full advantage of the resources and the energies as well as enhance the economic performance. The combination include seven factories and one institute, which is Shanghai Refinery, Gaoqiao Chemical Plant, Shanghai NO.2 Chemical Fiber Plant, Shanghai NO.2 Synthetic Detergent Plant, Shanghai Agricultural Chemical Plant, Shanghai NO.15 Dyes and Chemicals Plant, Gaoqiao Thermal Power Plant and Shanghai Petrochemistry Institute. These plants were formerly attached to Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Chemical, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Light Industry, and Ministry of Electricity. It is the first cross-ministry and cross-industry extra large petrochemical complex at that time. Among them, Shanghai Refinery was set up in 1945 which was one of the earliest refinery in China. Gaoqiao Chemical Plant was set up in 1957 which was one of the earliest petrochemical plants in the country, and was praised as the cradle of China’s petrochemical industry. 
The company is located in Pudong new area of Shanghai, occupying an area of 4.2 square kilometers. The producing area is comprised by Gaoqiao old area and Caojing new area. The total asset of the company is RMB 19.3 billion. It is a key 10-million-ton oil refinery and clean oil products producing bases. Gaoqiao is also a key supplier of refined oil products in Shanghai.and the sole fuel-lubricant type oil refinery in Yangtze River Delta. 

The Company has 76 processing units. The major units include 8 million t/y atmospheric vacuum distillation, 800 thousand t/y continuous catalytic reforming, 1.2 million t/y S Zorb, 3 million t/y diesel hydrotreating, 1.4 million t/y hydrocracking, 300 thousand t/y lube hydrotreating and the 200 thousand t/y phenol-acetone. The refining capacity is 12.5 million t/y, chemical production capacity is 1million t/y and thermo-electricity capacity is 175 thousand kw. The major products include gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lube base oil, paraffin, phenol, acetone, 3-polybutadiene rubber, butylbenzene rubber, ABS, polyether and DCP. 

For years, the Company actively pushes forward joint venture cooperation and 7 joint ventures were established with BASF, Caltex, Mitsui and SK. 

Gaoqiao Company is located near the river and the urban district. With the increased sulfur content of crude oil, we face a huge security and environmental protection risk and pressure. We promote the concept of “develop in common with the society, live in harmony with the environment”, regarding the security and environmental protection management as the lifeline of the enterprise, and we lay equal stress on education, management and supervise, increasing the security and environmental protection management level in every way. Simultaneously, we actively push forward the construction of the security and environmental protection project as well as control hidden danger and eliminate out-of-date productivity. For the past few years, 140 security and environmental protection projects were carried out, such as the treatment of the torch pollution and the stack gas desulfurization. More than 20 plants were eliminated, such as asphalt, acrylonitrile and styrene butadiene latex, increasing the security and environmental protection reliability of the production run. 

Our company endeavors Sinopec’s principle “develop the enterprise, contribute to the nation, reward the shareholders, serve the society, benefit the employees”, serving the economic society development and satisfying the market’s demands persistently, paying close attention to the developing direction of the refinery market at home and abroad, developing high quality product to satisfying the environmental protection requirement. The leaded gas went out of production in 1997, white gasoline officially enter the age. Low carbon olefin gasoline (low carbon olefin contents less than 35%) was supplied to Shanghai market in 2000 which enable Shanghai to be an early user of low carbon olefin gasoline together with Beijing and Guangzhou. The HuⅣ lever gasoline and diesel appear on the market in 2009, laying foundations for Shanghai to be the second city to carry out the discharge standard same as the EuropeanⅣ level. It also makes positive contributions to practicing the Green Expo philosophy and improving the air quality. The EuropeanⅤ level gasoline was shipped and exported to Hong Kong on 4th June, 2010, which enables Gaoqiao Company to be the first mainland enterprise to export the same product to HK. 

We obtain 494 scientific and technical payoffs, including 145 at the provincial and ministerial level, 536 prize in science and technology progress, including 13 at nation level and 143 at the provincial and ministerial level, 3 self-developed technologies were granted Chinese patents. In addition, we have also developed more than 250 new products. 

The Company and its grassroot units are cited as “Shanghai Model Enterprise”, “Advanced Grassroots Party organizations”, “Shanghai Top Industrial Image Enterprise ”, “Shanghai Gardon Factory ” and receive the title of “Nationwide Outstanding Enterprise of Ideological and Political work ”. 

Add:3000 Pudong Ave, Shanghai 
E-mail: gpcc@sinogpc.com