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SINOPEC Jinling Company

Sinopec Jinling Company(SJC)was founded in 1982. Located at the northeastern suburb of Nanjing City, to the north, SJC is bordered to the Yangtze River-a “golden waterway”, to the south, it is close to Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and connected to Xinshengwei Port to the west, enjoying a unique and advantageous geographic location. The company owns 10,000-tonage terminal for the transportation of crude and oil products, the exclusive railway tracks directly connecting to Yaohuamen Railway Station, the largest marshalling station in East China, and an expressway links the company to LuKou International Airport, convenient traffic network, and water and air transportation facilities around.​

After years of construction and development, SJC has now become a large-size, modern petrochemical complex, mainly engaged in crude refining, manufacturing, processing, and marketing of petrochemicals, with more than 40 large production units covering refining, coal chemicals, thermal power integration unit, and alkyl benzene production, etc. With sophisticated refining techniques and comprehensive manufacturing measures, SJC is positioned as one of Sinopec’s major ten million tonnage crude refining bases, and by far the largest detergent raw material in Asia and an important phthalic anhydride production base in China.

Address: No. 388, Ganjiaxiang, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 
Postal Code: 210033 
Tel: (025) 58988114 
Fax: (025) 85592004 
Website: http://www.jlpec.com