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SINOPEC Jinling Company

Sinopec Jinling Company and Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Corporation, collectively referred as Jinling Petrochemical Company (JPC), were founded in 1982. Located at the northeastern suburb of Nanjing City, to the north, JPC is bordered to the Yangtze River-a “golden waterway”, to the south, it is close to Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and connected to Xinshengwei Port to the west, enjoying a unique and advantageous geographic location. The company owns 10,000-tonage terminal for the transportation of crude and oil products, the exclusive railway tracks directly connecting to Yaohuamen Railway Station, the largest marshalling station in East China, and an expressway links the company to LuKou International Airport, convenient traffic network, and water and air transportation facilities around. 

After years of construction and development, JPC has now become a large-size, modern petrochemical complex, mainly engaged in crude refining, manufacturing, processing, and marketing of petrochemicals, with more than 40 large production units covering refining, coal chemicals, thermal power integration unit, and alkyl benzene production, etc. With sophisticated refining techniques and comprehensive manufacturing measures, JPC is positioned as one of Sinopec’s major ten million tonnage crude refining bases, and by far the largest detergent raw material in Asia and an important phthalic anhydride production base in China. 

JPC owns a number of famous brands like “Red Leaf”, “Jia Jia” and “Maple Leaf”, etc., and produces up to 70 kinds of petrochemical products, more than 30 of which have been awarded the state, ministerial, provincial and/or Sinopec “Quality Products” early or late. The company is one of the primary suppliers of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, liquid hydrocarbon, petro benzene, etc., in East China and Yangtze River regions. In addition, the company is an important feedstock supplier to several closely located manufacturers of ethylene, PTA and PP. The company sells its products all over China, not only in the regional market in East China, and also exports naphtha, jet fuel, and gasoline to more than 30 countries and regions like South Korea, North Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries. In 2011, JPC’s sales revenue totaled RMB 82.44 billion, with profit and tax hit RMB16.52 billion, ranking the first among industrial companies in Jiangsu Province. 

JPC always adheres to the philosophy of “Environment protection is priority”, strictly follows the state environment protection regulations and policies and makes fruitful efforts in forging itself as a resource-efficient and environment-friendly modern petrochemical complex. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, by the completion of 2.5Mt/Y diesel hydrogenation unit, 600,000t/Y aromatics complex, 2.6Mt/Y gas oil hydrotreating unit and other major revamping projects such as No. 1 FCC MIP, No. 1 and 3 Coking expansion, Alkylbenzene and dewaxing using hydrotreating sieve, JPC is further strengthening the core business and preliminarily create a integrated structure of refining and chemical. On one hand, the company has phased out production techniques and processes that are out of date and shut down more than 20 high energy-consumption and high emission production units; on the other hand, JPC has increased the investment on “three wastes” treatment, by successively implementing dozens of revamping projects to dispose waste water, gas and solid. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, JPC has spend RMB 1.69 billion in environment protection and product upgrading projects, dramatically lowered the emission of “three waste” and lifted the quality of gasoline and diesel to reach national Ⅲ emission standard, part of which met the national IV standard. 

As a key petrochemical company of Sinopec, JPC owns abundant human resources and technology reservation. The long-chain paraffin dehydrogenation catalyst, 5A molecular sieve adsorbent, di-olefin selective hydrogenation catalyst and the technologies developed by the company independently are commercialized at the same performance level of similar production units in western developed countries, and application for US patents was made. Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the company has applied for up to 13 patent rights, among which the Multifunction Industrial Heater Using Coal Slurry, Nature Gas, or Fuel Oil as Fuel Feed Stock has applied for patent of invention in the United States. JPC has undertaken 75 key science and technology development projects, of which 1.5Mt/Y Single Stage Full Circulation Catalytic Hydrogenation Packaged Technology was awarded the First Prize of Sinopec Science & Technology Progress, the Jinling Petrochemical Company Business Management and Operation Analyzing and Predicting System was granted the First Prize of Sinopec Modernization Management Innovation; and another five projects received the Second and Third Prize of Sinopec Science & Technology Progress respectively. 

JPC always places emphasis on the corporate culture development. In recent years, remarkable achievements have been made not only in company development and operation, but also displayed in corporate culture development. The company has been awarded “Advanced Collective”, “Civilized Enterprise”, “Advanced Unit for Aiding the Poor” and “Excellent Enterprise for Ideological and Political Work” by Sinopec, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing municipal government. 

Address: No. 388, Ganjiaxiang, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 
Postal Code: 210033 
Tel: (025) 58988114 
Fax: (025) 85592004 
Website: http://www.jlpec.com