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SINOPEC Tianjin Company

Sinopec Tianjin Company (TPCC) was established on December 28, 1983. Occupying an area of 14 square kilometers, TPCC is located at Tianjin Binhai New Area, west to Bohai Oilfield and north to Dagang Oilfield. It embraces superior geographical position and becomes a large petrochemical base in China with convenient land and sea transportation, linked by railways and highways to the urban city and Tanggu New Port and oil-conveying pipelines to Dagang Oilfield and Nanjiang Petrochemical Quay of Tianjin Port. 

TPCC consists of 23 oil refining units, 24 chemical production units and 3 chemical fiber units. It is currently the largest ethylene production base in China and the largest oil refiner in North China, with primary crude oil processing capacity of 15.5 million t/y, comprehensive processing capacity of 12.5 million t/y, and ethylene capacity of 1.2 million t/y (capacity of JV Company is included). It has the ability of producing PX 380 thousand t/y, PTA 340 thousand t/y and polyester 200 thousand t/y. The volume of crude oil storage is up to 270 thousand cubic meters. TPCC also owns associated utilities matching the major production units, with 400 thousand KW installed capacity of power supply and 100 thousand t/d water supply. The main products of the Company fall into three categories--oil refining, petrochemical and chemical fiber, including clean automobile gasoline, kerosene, light diesel, LPG, petrol coke, ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, p-xylene, purified terephthalic acid, petroleum benzene, polyester and staple fiber. The products of the Company are popular and well-known in the market, among which stable fiber and 3# jet fuel oil are state-awarded products; “Tianxian” staple fiber, “Jingang” light diesel, motor gasoline and 3# jet fuel as well as “Dagang” industrial pure benzene are awarded Tianjin well-known trademark. 

The Company embraces an excellent professional team and has established a complete enterprise management pattern. Its integrated management system QHSE has been certified by the state authentification. It has implemented forceful and image unified long-term mechanism of interior management with clear-cut assignments, responsibilities and detailed standards. The Company has been successively honored with National Civilization Enterprise, National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations, National Star Enterprise of Learning Organization, AnKang Cup of Decade Achievement, the First State Occupational Health Exemplary Enterprises, National Advanced Enterprise of Equipment Management, Outstanding Enterprise of National Quality Long March and Excellent Model of Water - Saving of The City, etc. 

TPCC cherishes the corporate vision of Solid Core Business, Quality Structure, Scientific Management, Advanced Culture, Environmental Friendly, Harmonious Enterprise, and making efforts to build a modern petrochemical enterprise with strong competitiveness. The Company will carry on its mission of Good Enterprise, Good Employee and Good Products. It will stick to its core value and philosophy that The Employee Grow with The Company, and The Company Contributes to The Society. TPCC encourages the spirits of Being Harmonious, Prudent and Cautious, Innovative and Progressing. 

In the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the Company’s general idea on development is to seriously practice the scientific outlook on development, perfect the system and mechanism, improve the mode of management and explore on establishing streamlined and efficient management pattern with the Company’s own characteristics. Sticking to the strategies of integration, green and low-carbon development, as well as differentiation, we will focus on development quality, make the company stronger and better, deepen the construction of harmonious enterprise. We will strive to make Tianjin Petrochemical a leading petrochemical enterprise home and abroad, while both the Company and its employees are well respected. 

Address: No.160, Beiweidi Road (West), Binhai New Area (Dagang), Tianjin 
P.C.: 300271 
Tel: 022-63806666 
Fax: 022-25991000 
Website: www.tpcc.com.cn