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SINOPEC Changling Company

Changling Petrochemical Company is a large state-owned enterprise, a subsidiary of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. Changling is located in Lukou town, Yunxi district, Yueyang city, neighboring the beautiful scenery of Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River. To the north runs the Yangtze River, and to the south goes the Beijing-Guangzhou and Wuhan-Guangzhou railway. It borders the 107th national highway and Beijing- Hong Kong and Macao express way, thus, the local traffic is quite convenient by land and waterways. It covers an area of 8.4 square kilometers, with 3009 full-time employees by the end of 2011. 

It was formerly known as Changling Refinery, founded in 1965 and was put into operation on May 7, 1971. With 40 years’ reform and development, the refinery comprising of 4 production units with 2.5 million t/a crude oil processing capacity formerly, has become a large petrochemical enterprise and important petrochemical processing base in central south China, with 30 production units and an annual crude oil processing capacity of 8 million tons, and 130,000 t/a of Polypropylene (PP). It mainly produces more than 60 kinds of products including gasoline, kerosene, diesel, naphtha, BTX, LPG, PP, asphalt and acetic ester. 17 kinds of products were entitled with the provincial or ministerial level high quality products, in which the exported superior light diesel and 6# extraction solvent naphtha have won the National Gold Medal Prize, while some other products such as toluene, xylene and 120# solvent naphtha, etc. have won the National Silver Medal Prize. 

In recent 40 years, Changling has adhered to its company spirit of “pursuing excellence”, totally processed 132 million tons of crude oil, realized RMB 30 billion of profit and tax. Meanwhile it was awarded as “advanced units of production safety” by China Petrochemical Corporation for 8 consecutive from 2004 to 2011. 

Over the past 40 years, a total of 5100 technology innovation and scientific research projects have been realized, in which 297 items obtained the provincial and ministerial level awards, 63 national achievement awards, together with over 70 patent technologies, which has formed a complete of technical advantages of its own characteristics, providing a strong technical support for sustainable development. 

The construction of 8 million t/a refinery project has been completed within 3 years and put into operation on Oct.18, 2011. Changling is now faced with new opportunities for development. In the near future, Changling will continue to make refining business stronger and better, strive to realize 16 million t/a of crude processing capacity, reach the world’s advanced level and become the vanguard among the petrochemical enterprises along the Yangtze River by the end of the “12th five-year plan”. Actively seeking diversified development, closely relying on innovation, abundant human resources, advanced enterprise management and reasonable industry chain, Changling will make full use of each ton of crude oil to produce the most satisfying products, constantly sharpen its competitive edge and promote sustainable development. We firmly believe that Changling’s development has been playing an important role in the optimizing of strategic layout of Sinopec, guaranteeing the energy supply in central and west regions of China, and promoting the economic rise in midlands. Changling will bring along the development of the petrochemical industry in Hunan Province, build a resource-efficient and environment-friendly province of Hunan with new industrialization, urbanization, information and agricultural modernization, and make greater contributions to shaping Yueyang into a flourishing ecological livable city and a new economic growth pole with modern and prosperous industry, agriculture, tourism and shipping logistics. 

Address: Yueyang city, Hunan province 
Postcode: 414012 
Tel: 0730-8452003 
Fax: 0730-8451824 
E-mail: cl.clsh@sinopec.com