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SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company

With Zhejiang Refinery as its predecessor established in 1975, Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company (hereinafter is referred as ZRCC), was incorporated into the former China Petrochemical Corporation in 1983, restructured into Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. and became listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994. Responding to the integrated strategic plan of Sinopec, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. revoked its listing position in March, 2006 and in September of the same year, incorporated as the Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company. 
Over the past 37 years, seizing the good opportunity of reform and opening-up, ZRCC has been maintaining constant pioneering, progressing, reforming and innovating, making it grow into a refining-chemical integrated enterprise with the largest scale in China out of a small refinery with 2.5 million t/y capacity, and is marching forward to the goal of building ZRCC into a world scale refining-chemical integration pace-setting enterprise which is set by the Party Committee of Sinopec. 

With a comprehensive crude oil processing capacity of 23 million t/y, ethylene capacity of 1 million t/y, aromatics capacity of 2 million t/y, a deep water sea jetty with over 45 million tons of annual handling capacity and a tankage of over 3.3 million cubic meters, ZRCC has formed an industrial pattern of “large refining, large ethylene, large aromatics, large jetty, large tank”, representing China’s advanced petrochemical industry. 

Under Sinopec’s quality policy of “making every drop of oil count”, ZRCC commits itself to providing clean products for the society, producing intermediate petrochemical products to drive down-stream industry development, developing a variety of high-end petrochemicals. The variaty of its refining and chemical products is up to more than 50, including gasoline of different grades, diesel, 3# jet fuel, LPG, road asphalt, ethylene, benzene, butadiene, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, propylene oxide, styrene, polypropylene resin, polyethylene resin, etc. Particularly, gasoline, 3# jet fuel and diesel are exported to countries such as US, Japan, India, Korea, Singapore and regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR. Meanwhile, ZRCC was awarded to supply “Donghai Brand” asphalt to Shanghai F1 Track, World Exposition pavilions, the world’s largest tunnel-bridge and high-speed rail, and regions like Americas and Australia. ZRCC successfully supplied Euro Ⅴ ultra low sulphur diesel to Hong Kong market, achieving the first record of domestic diesel entry into Hong Kong market. With the quality equal to the domestic benchmark grade products, the newly developed products, such as high melt strength polypropylene, high melt index polypropylene fiber, high melt index and impact-resistant polypropylene copolymer, and ultra-thin BOPP special material, are gradually becoming the most competitive products of ZRCC. 

ZRCC seeks coordinated development of internal optimization and external expansion. Over the past 4 years, ZRCC have made great efforts to actively explore the way of managing the largest refining & chemical company with minimum staffing, which forms “new SOE” management mode based on “old SOE”. In terms of management system, ZRCC implemented the concept of intensive administration, professional technology management and on-site operating management to create an effective management team, highlighted the function of professional management and improved the operating mode at grassroots level, so as to ensure that all levels of flat management are in their right positions. In terms of regulatory system, ZRCC carried out the comprehensive construction for “Three Systems”, namely responsibility division, work flow procedure and rules and regulations, thus the whole process management can be enhanced by power balancing, the executive force can be upgraded by informationization and evaluation can be executed by spot inspection, so that the company can use one management manual for guidance, one regulatory document for support and one operating mode for guarantee, and finally realized multi-management systems supported by one regulatory document . In terms of operating mechanism, ZRCC eliminated the “superior big rice bowl” distribution system and developed a monthly income distribution system featured with employee earning his money. ZRCC also made great efforts to plan and optimize its human resources as a whole, improve the talents growing channel of “Three Teams”, promote the enterprise culture featured with magnanimity and righteousness and construct a harmonious ZRCC community, so as to arouse employee’s enthusiasm and strengthen the cohesion of company. Looking into the future development, ZRCC will continue the optimization of “Three-in-One” development program, i.e. project development, management reform and human resources. ZRCC also set up the three-step development strategy so that the middle and long terms goals of ZRCC expansion, internal optimizing approach and development of human resources will be further improved. 

ZRCC gives top priority to fulfilling its social responsibility. ZRCC insists on fully implementing internal cycling economy and actively constructing the resource conservation and environmental friendly enterprise for many years. Major indexes of energy conservation and emission reduction maintain the industrial leading position in China, some of which even meet international advanced level. ZRCC was awarded one out of the 8 earliest National Environment-Friendly Enterprises, and was successively honored as China Meritorious Enterprise for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution in the Development of Low Carbon Economy, Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations of China, etc. 

In 2011, under the strong leadership of Sinopec, ZRCC fully implemented the requirements of “one stability, four optimizations” , “one promotion, four speedups”,“one deepening, four improvements” and “one responsibility, four abilities”, faithfully carried out “three responsibilities” of state-owned enterprise. The company fully completed the refining-chemical integration transformation, steadily accomplished the first-step goal of the “Three-Step Strategy” of “Three-In-One” development program. The total crude processing volume of 2011 reached 21.986 million tons, maintaining the first in domestic and creating a new historical record. The production of ethylene reached 1.108 million tons with the first full-year operation fully coming up to the standards. Safety management, production and operation, internal management and staff quality were fully improved, hence “ZRCC in harmony” takes on a new look. The company gained the highest honor of Sinopec, “Annual Special Contribution Award”, which is the first among over 40 refining and chemical enterprises in Sinopec. 

In 2012, under the strong leadership of Sinopec, ZRCC will implement the spirit of Sinopec Annual Work Conference, deeply carry out “Three-In-One” development program, fully complete the major work of “promote one deepening, win two tough battles, have three articles done, realize four promotions”, move towards to the goal of “world-class refining-chemical integration model enterprise” and work hard to take the lead in creating the world-level enterprise in Sinopec. 

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