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SINOPEC Luoyang Company

Sinopec Luoyang Company (LPC) was a 5 million t/y refinery approved by the State during the “5th Five-Year Plan” period. After being put into operation in 1984, by keeping production in parallel with construction, LPC has grown from a single fuel-type refinery into a super large refining & petrochemical company with key businesses of oil refining, production of chemicals and chemical fiber. 

Since 2005, guided by the scientific outlook on development, the Compnay implemented “Three-Step” Development Strategy. In 2010 LPC has successfully built up the upgrading & modification project of oil product quality, thus become an integrated refining and chemical complex with 1 million t/y refining capacity and a super large petrochemical enterprise in Central China, making outstanding contributions to the petrochemical industry as well as promoting the local economic and social development. 

The key production system of the Company includes oil refining, chemical & chemical fiber production. The refinery has a 8 million t/y atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, 1.5 million t/y crude oil flash vaporization unit, two sets of 1.4million t/y heavy oil catalytic cracking units, a 0.8milliom t/y solvent de-asphalting unit, a 0.7million t/y continuous catalytic reforming unit, 0.6million t/y jet fuel hydrofining unit, a 0.8million t/y catalytic diesel hydrofining unit, a 0.65million t/y gas fractionation unit, 1.4million t/y delayed coking unit, a 2.2million t/y wax oil hydrofining unit, 2.6million t/y diesel hydrofining unit, a 40 thousand cubic meter/hour hydro generation unit, a 40 kt/a sulphur recovery unit etc. The chemical fiber part owns a 260 kt/a aromatics extraction unit, a 240 kt/a PX unit, a 325 kt/a PTA unit, a 400 kt/a PET unit, a 100 kt/a filament yarn unit and a 250 kt/a staple fiber unit etc. The chemical part owns an 80 kt/a polypropylene unit, a 20 kt/a BOPP plant, etc. 

Now there are more than 70 kinds of petrochemical products made by LPC. The majors are gasoline (98#, 97#, E97#, 93#, E93#, 90#, E90#), diesel (-35# , -10, 0# , +5#), 3# jet fuel, light kerosene, propylene, polypropylene, BOPP film, high tenacity polypropylene yarn, benzene, toluene, PX, PTA, polyester polymer and chips, FDY, POY, high tenacity and high modular cotton & wool type staple fiber, etc. 

LPC pays great attention to its CSR. It has obtained the UKAS International certificate, passed the authentication on ISO14001 Environment Management System and the authentication on ISO9001 Quality Management System so that the integral management system of quality, environment and professional safety and health has been formed and the modern management system of overall budget management, internal control and integral examination has also been operated. Meanwhile LPC becomes the first batch of model enterprise of clean production and completes the energy saving indexes during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period assigned by Henan Provincial Government one year in advance. LPC has been awarded many honorary titles including “The Nationwide Advanced Basic Party Organization”, “the National May-day Labor’s Medal”, “ The Nationwide Excellent Enterprise in Ideological& Political Work”, “Nationwide Best Model Family for Its Staff Members”, “The Nationwide Excellent League Committee”, “The Nationwide Advanced Enterprise of Environment Protection” and “The Nationwide Advanced Enterprise of Environment Greens”, etc. In 2008 and 2010 it was awarded twice by Henan Provincial Government the titles of “The Good Basic Party Organization in Five Aspects”. 

Looking into the future, under the guidance of scientific outlook on development and the leadership of Sinopec Group, LPC will try to realize sound and rapid growth by making full use of the good opportunity of the consgtruction of the Central China Economic Zone, vigorously carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “taking challenge, pursuing excellence, and making unremitting efforts to improve itself”. LPC will strive to become a petrochemical base with a crude oil processing capacity of 20 million t/y and annual sales revenue of RMB 100 billion, thus making new contributions to revitalizing the petrochemical industry and boosting the local economy in the next decade. 

Address: No.1 Daqing Road, Jili District, Luoyang, Henan Province, P.R.China 
Post Code: 471012 
Tel: 0086 379 6699 2300 
Fax: 0086 379 6699 3999