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SINOPEC Jingmen Company

SINOPEC Jingmen Company (hereinafter referred to as Jingmen Company) is located in Jingmen city, the central part of Hubei province with an advantageous position. It lies south to Jingzhou facing Yangtze River;North to Xiangfan facing Han River. Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province locates in the east, and to the west, Three Gorges stands and leads to Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces. Thus, Jingmen Company enjoys the convenient transportation on highway, railway as well as waterway. 

Jingmen Company is the largest production base of lube oil and petroleum wax in the Central-South China. It’s lised in the Nationwide Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, and wins the First place based on its integrated economic benefit among petroleum exploration and processing enterprises. It also wins the title of Nationwide Optimum Credit Enterprise, Nationwide Optimum Industrial Enterprise, and Nationwide Optimum Image with Class AAA, etc. 

Jingmen Company has crude oil processing capacity of 6 million tons per year, mainly includes Nanyang crude oil, Jianghan crude oil, Luning crude oil and imported crude oil through Yi-Chang pipeline. In 2011,Jingmen Company processed 5.026million tons of crude oil. As one of the leading enterprises with the most complete processing capability of crude oil in China, Jingmen Company possesses 43 refining and chemical production units in total, including Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation units, the Catalytic Cracking unit, the Deep Catalytic Cracking unit, the Catalytic Reforming unit, the Delayed Coking unit, MTBE unit, the Fuel oil Hydrofinishing unit, Hydrogen Manufacturing with dry gases, the Lube oil Hydro-upgrading unit, and the Solvent Dewaxing (for light and heavy feed) units, the Lube oil and Wax Hydrofinishing, IsoSiv process-kerosine range unit and Deep Dearomatization units and Polypropylene unit, etc. 
Jingmen Company’s products cover more than 100 brands and 20 varieties of 9 categories, such as gasoline and diesel in accordance with the cleaner fuel demand, HVI high-grade lube base oil meeting the API II standard, fully-refined series paraffin wax with oil less than 5%, micro-crystalline wax suitable for rubber industry, cosmetics industry and food industry as well as series polypropylene products including T36F used as the material of thin film. 

In addition, Jingmen Company provides industrial white oil (3#, 5#, 7#, 32#, 46#, 68#), white environment-friendly rubber extender oil, industrial Vaseline, pure Vaseline (1#、2#) and environmental- friendly solvent oil with low aromatic content and narrow distillation range. 

Jingmen Company has the strong capacity in storage of crude oil and products. It possesses 296 oil tanks with total storage capacity of 808,000 cubic meters. The storage capacity is sufficient to meet the production demand and the storage days also fit the national standard. 

Jingmen Company will take the advantage of the convenient transport system to distribute its products. The trunk north-south railway line of Jiao-Liu and the National Highway 207 cross through Jingmen City. With the railway and road systems, petrochemical products can be directly distributed to many regions around Hubei Province, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, etc., also to Yuannan, Guizhou and Sichuan of Southwest China. Exported products may be tested by nearby Shashi or Wuhan Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, and then shipped to overseas markets via the Yangtze River. 

Address: Baimiao Road,Jingmen City, Hubei Province, PRC 
Zip Code: 448039 
Tel: (0724) 2211501 2274949 
Fax: (0724) 2211539