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SINOPEC Hubei Chemical Fertilizer Company

Sinopec Hubei Chemical Fertilizer Company (hereinafter referred to as “Hubei Chemical Fertilizer Company”) is located in Zhijiang City, Hubei Province. It is adjacent to the famous city of Yichang. With the Yangtze River to the south , the Three Gorges International Airport to the west and the ancient city of Jingzhou to the east, Yichang Three Gorges to the west, the Yichang-Huangshi expressway and the Shanghai-Chengdu high speed railway to the north, the company is favorably endowed with rich hydroelectric resources. There are two natural gas pipelines(Sinopec and CNPC) directly connected to the production site. There is a dedicated railway transport line inking with the national railways network. Its products can be transported to the whole country by waterway, railway, highway and airway. 

Hubei Chemical Fertilizer Company is the only large-scale chemical fertilizer production enterprise in Hubei Province and it is also the large state enterprise for producing high quality fertilizer. Over the past 30 years, it has made a great contribution to the agriculture and farmers. Its fixed assets reach RMB 3.34 billion. It has two syngas production systems which use natural gas and coal as raw material. The upstream unit can supply syngas for 900,000 tpa ammonia production, while the downstream unit can produce 330,000 tpa ammonia and 560,000 tpa urea. In addition to ammonia and urea, it also produces secondary products such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and sulphur, etc. 

For more than 30 years, the company has carried forward the good tradition of Sinopec, using professional management expertise to deepen the reform, realizing the operational target for 15 consecutive years among all the imported fertilizer plants in China. It has been awarded many prizes such as “National First Of May Medal”, “National advanced company for political and ideological work”, “National excellence company for equipment management” “The enterprise of observing the contract and attaching great importance to credit in Hubei Province”. It has the certification of ISO-9001 international quality system. “Yangtze River Brand” urea has won the National Silver Medal for quality, “Famous brand products for Hubei Province” and the title of “Certification for 3A Quality Level”. The company has an excellent reputation in Hubei Province. 

Looking forward, the Company will seize the strategic opportunity of developing coal-based chemicals in SINOPEC and spare no effort to quicken its steps to become more competitive with a diversified product mix. 

Address: 15 Yingbin Road, Zhijang City, Hubei Province, China 
Tel: 0717-4212089 
Fax: 0717-4212660 
Email: hbhf@hbhf.cn