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SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petrochemical Corp. Ltd.

Sinopec Zhongyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ZPC”) is a large petrochemical enterprise. It’s a joint venture by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopec”) and Henan province government with Sinopec Group holding. 

Now ZPC has two production systems, the older one is a petrochemical production line, which put into service in 1996. After twice technical innovation, it’s consists of 8 plants, the ethylene plant has been increased capacity from 180000 t/y to over 210000 t/y; the design capacity of polyethylene plant is 260000 t/y, and the polypropylene plant is 60000 t/y. The other five are by-products deeply processing plants, they are gasoline hydrogenation(DPG), benzene extraction, hydrogen separation(PSA), butene-1, olefin catalytic cracking (OCC). The new system is a coal & chemical product line, included the 600000 t/y methanol to olefins(MTO) plant and the 100000 t/y polypropylene plant, which put into service on October 10, 2011 and September 20, 2011 respectively. The MTO plant, adopting the S-MTO process technology independently developed by Sinopec, is a coal & chemical demonstration project of Sinopec. 

ZPC’s registered capital is 2.4 billion Yuan RMB, the asset scale is 6.7 billion Yuan RMB, the annual revenue has reached 6 billion Yuan RMB. Presently, as the only ethylene enterprise in the mid-China, ZPC organizes its production strictly according with the quality management system. The product sales based on mid-China, and radiated surrounding more than 10 provinces and cities. ZPC can provide chemical products 13 kinds, annually 450000 tons. Until now, it has been provided to the country over 8 million tons chemical products. The tax paid is more than 1.86 billion Yuan RMB. ZPC has made its own positive contribution for Zhongyuan Economic Region development. 

ZPC actively seeks the sustainable development of enterprise and the construction of harmonious society, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the construction of a resource-saving, environment-friendly enterprise. According to the 12th Five Year Plan of Sinopec Chemical business development target, ZPC will work hard on the construction of 1.8 million t/y MTO project, to contribute more and more for speeding up Sinopec new energy development strategy and promote the Zhongyuan Economic Region construction. 

address:southside of west Shengli road,Puyang,Henan province