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SINOPEC Qingdao Refining Corp. Ltd.

Sinopec Qingdao Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd (QRC) is a super-large refining and petrochemical complex jointly invested by Sinopec, Shandong Province and Qingdao Municipality. QRC Refinery is a grass-roots single train refinery with a distillation capacity of 10 million tons per year, which is the first mega refinery approved by the State and a key project for Sinopec and Shandong Province during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period . 

The construction of the project started in May, 2006 and put into operation in June, 2008. QRC Refinery has adopted state of the art technologies independently developed by Sinopec. The Refinery covers an area of 2.65 square kilometers and has 17 sets of processing units with associated utilities, offsite facilities, featuring scaled economy, advanced technologies and leading environmental protection performance as well as notable profits. 

The Refinery is capable of processing 10 million tons imported crude oil (200,000 bpd) annually, producing more than 7 million tons of gasoline, kerosene and diesel products per year, and the product quality of the refinery have fully reached EURO Ⅲ emission standards and some met EURO Ⅳ standard. It also produces LPG, polypropylene and styrene products with total output of over 2 million tons per year. Refinery products have been sold far to the markets in North China, Northeast China and the southeastern coastal regions of China, and some have been exported. 

QRC has a modern organizational sructure and operational mechanism with less labor. According to the requirements for modern enterprise system, QRC established a flat organizational structure and management system utilizing advanced automatic technologies and IT. Currently with 612 work forces, the productivity of QRC has reached the advanced level of the world class refinery. 

Standing at a higher starting point, QRC used the world advanced vision and technologies in safety and environmental protection, equipped with waste water treatment and flue gas sulfur removal facilities, etc. and thus realized a clean production. 

Through over three years’ development, QRC has achieved a great progress in terms of safety, environmental protection, production and operations as well as management and ranked the front among the domestic oil refining industries. QRC is dedicated to creating a world-class refining and petrochemical enterprise. 

Contact Add: 827 Qianshan South Road, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingdao 266500, Shandong, China 
Tel: (0532) 86915971 
Fax: (0532) 86915988 
E-Mail: www.qrc.cn