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SINOPEC Cangzhou Company

Sinopec Cangzhou Company (“the Company”) is a large-scale refining and petrochemical enterprise under Sinopec Corp., It is located in the northern suburb of Cangzhou city with an area of 180 hectares. The Company was set up in April, 1971 and put into operation in Oct., 1975. It has a primary refining capacity of 3.5 million tons per year. 

The main production units include 3.5 million tpa Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation, 1.2 million tpa Heavy Oil Catalytic Cracking, 1.2 million tpa Delayed Coking, 1.6 million tpa Gasoline and Diesel Hydro-treating, 0.9 million tpa Gasoline S-Zorber, 0.2 million tpa Asphalt, 0.15 million tpa Catalytic Reforming, 0.3 million tpa Gas Fractionation and other auxiliary units such as steam boiler, power generator, fresh water supply unit, sewage water processing, oil transport and storage establishment. Its main products as follows: 93#/97#/98# clean gasoline, diesel, naphtha, petroleum coke, asphalt, sulfur, MTBE, 200# solvent oil, aluminum foil rolling oil, PP, LPG for vehicle and civil use, DMS, DMSO, etc. 

The Company owns advanced quality management system and mass analyzer detectors. In 2000, it was granted ISO9000 Quality System Certification. Cangzhou Company is capable of stably offering quality oil and petrochemical products and continuously developing new products. The clean gasoline, diesel and petroleum coke have met the Europe-III vehicle emission gas control standard and some of the quality indexes surpass the national standard. These products are very popular in North China and Beijing-Tianjin Area for the good quality and accurate measurement. Petroleum coke with the advantage of low ash, low evaporation loss and high carbon purity, applied in electrolytic aluminum electrode consumables, metal smelting and so on, are welcomed by domestic market and some are exported. 

For low-volume products, Cangzhou Company produces sulphur, polypropylene, rolling aluminum foil oil for food packing, dimethyl sulfide, etc. Besides, Cangzhou Company offers a number of midrange civil-use products, such as building asphalt, LPG for civil use, 200# solvent naphtha, fuel oil for civil use, which are necessities for local construction and people’s daily life. 

Cangzhou Company is located in the central part of Bohai Economic Rim, bordering on the Grand Canal to the west and facing Beijing-Shanghai Railway and the port of Huanghua to the east. Based on the superior location, Cangzhou, as one of the primary national Chemical Cities, has good conditions to develop chemical industry. In recent years, pushed by the programs of Huanghua Port and Lingang Chemical Zone, Cangzhou has been claimed as a rapid-development city. Furthermore, the construction of Tianjin Binhai New Area and Hebei Bohai New Area also offers a precious opportunity for Cangzhou. 

With the guidance and support of Sinopec Group and local government, over 30 years’ endeavor, Cangzhou Company has become a medium-sized oil refinery with comprehensive equipment and standardized management system. The Company pays great attention to HSE, thus, it realizes safety production without any accident for 7 years and has been awarded as “Advanced Unit of Production Safety” by Sinopec Group for 5 years. 

As an excellent enterprise of Hebei Province, the Company has been continuously listed in China Top 500 Enterprises for 9 years. 

The Company will continue to update the technology, expand the production capacity and improve production quality, so as to serve our customers better. 

Address: NO.50, Jiaotong North Road, Cangzhou City, HeBei province, China. 
Tel: 086-317-3552221, 3552247 
Fax: 086-317-3552688 
Zip code: 061000