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SINOPEC Xi'an Company

Sinopec Xi’an Petrochemical Company (hereinafter referred to as Xi’an Company) is located beside Weishui River, the ancient city of Xi’an, to the east of Xi’an airport expressway. It is mainly engaged in oil refining and road asphalt production. The Company is one of the five major asphalt production bases of Sinopec. 
The Company covers an area of approximately 840 thousand square meters with the plant coverage of 785.5 thousand square meters. By the end of Dec. 2011, its total assets is around RMB 1.982 billion.

At present, the Company has 2 systems with 8 sets of processing units. One is the asphalt production units which mainly process the heavy crude oil from Tahe Oilfield. The other one is the fuel oil production units which mostly process the light crude oil from Changqing Oilfield. The key products range from the asphalt series (high grade paving asphalt, modified asphalt, etc.) to petrol, diesel, LPG and propylene. Asphalt products mainly include 70A, 90A, 110A, SBR modified asphalt. The quality, variety, production and sales of asphalt products continue to achieve new breakthroughs; therefore, Xi’an Company has become one of the top ten national asphalt producers. 

Xi’an Petrochemical Company was merged into Sinopec Group along with China National Star Petroleum Co., Ltd. in February 2000. In December 2003, it was acquired by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.). 
The Company is directed to give impetus to the neighboring oilfields and promote the integration of west China resources. It is operated strategically to expand west China market, develop asphalt business, stabilize east China marketing and boost the general oil products sales. It aims to be an indispensable link in the cross-regional business cooperation among Sinopec subsidiaries. 

In order to develop sustainably, effectively and harmoniously, the Company adheres to the guideline of “enhance management, stick to principles, generate profits and further development” and focuses on market and economic return while emphasizing safe production, energy saving, emission reduction, technology innovation, management optimization and staff development. 

The Company has made steady progress in corporate social responsibilities. It has been awarded honors as National Model Organizer of Staff Activities, Shaanxi Provincial Civilized Unit, Excellent Leadership Unit in the System of Xi’an State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Advanced Unit in Ideological and Political Work, Advanced Unit in Environmentally Friendly Work, and Advanced Unit in Hygienic Work. 

Address: No. 6 Jianzhang Rd. (North), Xi’an, Shaanxi Province 
Zip Code: 710086 
Fax: 029-84320522 
Tel: 029-84313609