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SINOPEC Tahe Company

Sinopec Tahe Company (“Tahe Company” for short) is located in the Petrochemical Park, Dongcheng District of Kuche County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It is the only petrochemical enterprise of Sinopec Group in Xinjiang area. 

Tahe Company mainly processes heavy crude oil from Tahe Oilfield with 12 refining units, as well as storage and transportation facilities, utilities such as water, electricity and steam, a distributed control system (DCS) for process control. The Company has crude oil processing capacity of 5 million tons per year, coking capacity of 2.6 million tons per year, gasoline and diesel hydro-fining capacity of 2.4million tons per year, A-Grade asphalt production capacity of 400 thousand tons per year, catalytic reforming capacity of 150 thousand tons per year, gasoline isomerization 70 thousand tons per year, sulfur production capacity of 40 thousand tons per year. 

Tahe Company produces 90#, 93# unleaded gasoline, 0#, -10#, -20#, -35# light diesel, 190# solvent oil, A, B, C grade asphalt consist of 50#, 70#, 90#, 110#, in according with the “Highway Asphalt Pavement Construction Technical Specification ”(JTGF40-2004) of Ministry of Communications, SBR modified asphalt, chemical light oil, LPG, petroleum coke, sulphur, benzene and other petroleum products. 

Tahe Company enjoys good transportation conditions with its own railway line, so that products can be transported to various destinations in China by train. 

Since its establishment, the Company attaches great importance to environmental protection, and achieves coordinated development of material and spiritual civilizations. It has been awarded the certification for excellent emission control and is among the first in Xinjiang Autonomous Region as a company to meet local pollutants discharge requirements. It continuously get honorary titles like “The Contract Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Advanced Group in Comprehensive Treatment”, “Model Taxpayer”, “Civilized Unit” at the regional level and so on. As a result, it has set up a sound refinery image of Sinopec in the northwest region. 

In accordance with the strategic development plan of Sinopec Group, Tahe Company and all its staff will keep up with the times, work closely together to develop the economy in Xingjiang and the vast Western China. 

Address: NO.573, Tianshan East Road, Kuche County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China 
Postcode: 842000 
Fax: 0997-7979016 
Sales numbers: 0997-7979051, 7979049