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SINOPEC Catalyst Company

SINOPEC Catalyst Company (SCC) is an integrated specialized company subordinated to China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. SCC is the largest manufacturer and supplier of petroleum and chemical catalysts in China. 

The production bases of SCC are mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Shandong, Liaoning and Jiangsu. SCC has eight wholly-owned divisions that are SCC Changling Division, SCC Qilu Division, SCC Beijing Aoda Division, SCC Beijing Yanshan Division, SCC Shanghai Division, SCC Fushun Division, SCC Nanjing Division and SCC Precious Metals Division. It also has two holding subsidiaries that are Hunan Jianchang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Leader Catalyst Co., Ltd. 

Its product lines cover FCC catalysts, FCC sulfur reducing additives, FCC propylene enhancing additives, hydrofining catalysts, hydrocracking catalysts, residual oil hydrogenation catalysts, reforming catalysts, ethylene and propylene selective hydrogenation catalysts, ethylene polymerization catalysts, propylene polymerization catalysts, isomerization catalysts, toluene disproportionation catalysts, ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalysts, acrylonitrile catalysts, PTA catalysts, catalyst for EO/EG, catalysts for one-stage hydrogenation of cracking gasoline, paraxylene adsorbents and so on. It also provides the MTO catalyst for the coal chemical industry. And it can produce S-Zorb catalyst for increasing the quality of the gasoline. While meeting the domestic market demand, SCC has been exploring and developing the international markets in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and so on. 

The Company advocates the development of a service-oriented learning organization with high intelligence, pursuing the management concept of "Best Quality and Best Service", as well the company spirit of “Permanent Innovation and Permanent Vigor". SCC will implement the strategies of product innovation, low-cost competition, differentiation competition, human resources development and international operations, so as to become a world-leading catalyst company leveraging the overall performance of Sinopec. 

SCC hopes to establish the long-term strategic collaborative partnership with various companies home and abroad, and to realize common progress and development. 

Address: No. 6A, Huixin East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 
Post Code: 100029 
Fax: 86-10-69166878 
Tel: 86-10- 69166643 86-10-69166636 
Service hot line: 86-800-810-8646