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Sinopec Shanghai Asphalt Sales Branch Company

Sinopec Asphalt Sales Branch Company has been constituted as an asphalt distribution filiale of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, responsible for unified sales operation of asphalt and petroleum coke products. 
Sinopec Asphalt Sales Branch Company adheres to the “6 principles”, which are the unified marketing and sales, unified foreign bid, unified after-sales services, unified brand and unified foreign cooperation and the company is responsible for organizing trading activities of the unique asphalt brand of Sinopec “Donghai”. Since January 2010, petroleum coke products of 24 enterprises what are affiliated with Sinopec have been brought into unified sales operation.

The company fully takes advantage of optimized petrochemical resources, technology and human resources from Sinopec and commits itself to provide a variety of 50 kinds of high quality “Donghai” asphalt products, including road petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt, special asphalt and etc, and almost 25 sorts of petroleum coke products which are Calcined petroleum coke, needle coke, sponge coke, shot coke and etc. The production capability of asphalt is around 5 million tons and 12 million tons for petroleum coke products.

Sinopec Shanghai Asphalt Sales Company has highly skilled and experienced staff in management and quality control. In order to ensure the high-quality of refined oil products, as well as the excellent after sales services, the company implements strict control measures in the process of crude oil purchasing, asphalt production, product sales, transportation and storage, and construction and application. The quality of Sinopec “Donghai” road petroleum asphalt is very stable as its product has maintained the first-rate quality in random inspections carried out by the Ministry of Communications and the association of asphalt industry.

As a professional sales company, Sinopec Shanghai Asphalt Sales Company is first company to realize multi-point loading, centralized deployment, construct a system of automobile and ship transportation, built an operation platform for transport company to establish a national logistic system.

Actively participating in the competition of top-end market both home and abroad, the company has achieved the strategic target of substituting the imported asphalt with its excellent product quality and satisfying service network. Nowadays, Sinopec “Donghai” asphalt has been widely applied in domestic infrastructural constructions, such as airport runways, expressways, urban roads and bridge deck pavement. The successful applications in Shanghai F1 circuit, Donghai oversea bridge, Beijing Olympic national stadium, and high-speed railways indicated that Sinopec “Donghai” asphalt has ranked on the top list of its kind in the world, and the asphalt is well recognized by world first-class clients.

The company attaches great importance to technological progress and new product development, and aims to integrate technological innovation, technological progress, technological improvements and industry upgrading together. With the support of Sinopec Petroleum and Chemical Institute and Sinopec Fushun Petroleum and Chemical Institute and other Sinopec enterprise institutes, the company focuses on the research and product development to upgrade the quality of asphalt product. The company has developed and applied many new products, for example, the emulsified asphalt for high-speed railway, the asphalt for the tunnel, anti-flaming environment-friendly asphalt, color asphalt and etc.

In 2009, total sales volume of “Donghai” asphalt has conquered a domestic market share of 25% with an annual sale of over 4 million tons. It has became a brand of the largest production capacity and most varied kinds of asphalt in China.

Sinopec shanghai asphalt Sales Company would like to cooperate with all kinds of social strengths and make contributions to both social and economic benefits.

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