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Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industrial Corporation

NCIC was originally known as the “Yongli Chemical Industry Company, Nanjing Ammonia Factory”, established in 1934 by the famous modern industrialist Mr. Fan Xudong. It is one of the earliest chemical industry bases in China. NCIC has created more than 30 “The Earliest in Chinese chemical industry”, which include the first package of Ammonium Sulphate, the first generation of vanadium catalyst for sulfuric acid production and ammonia synthesis catalyst, the first set of multilayer-wrapping high pressure vessel, the first set of phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate pilot plant, the first set of urea reactor with diameter of 2.8m, etc. Nanjing Chemical Plant was established in 1947 originally was Preparation Plant for the Central Chemical Plant of the Government Resource Committee of Republic of China. It is the cradle of rubber chemicals and organic intermediates in China, as well as an important national production site of fine chemical products. On May 23, 2005, after the reform and reorganization, the current Nanjing Chemical Industries Co., Ltd was established. (Abbreviated as NCIC). 

NCIC is a national production base of inorganic chemical, organic chemical, and fine chemical. Main products of NCIC include three series: Inorganic chemicals and fertilizer products of synthesis ammonia, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, soda ash, caustic soda, high concentrated sulfur-based compound fertilizer, which produced from coal, salt, and sulfur; Organic chemicals of aniline, nitrobenzene, anone, caprolactam, chlorobenzene, nitro-chlorobenzene, which produced from benzene; Fine chemicals of RT, antioxidant, which are used as assistant agent in rubber production. 

NCIC is also a national scientific research and equipment fabrication base for petrochemical and fine chemical industry. It has a Research Institute mainly dedicated in gas purification and copper series catalyst. It also has a Chemical Machinery Factory mainly dedicated in high pressure vessels of petrochemical, which is the large non-standard equipment fabrication base in Sinopec. 

Under the leadership of Sinopec, NCIC is marching towards innovative development, green and low carbon development, safe development, and harmonious development, making every effort to create new achievement in the future.