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SINOPEC Fujian Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.

SINOPEC Fujian Petrochemical Company Ltd.(FPCL) is a large scale petrochemical enterprise, which is a 50%-50% joint between fujian petrochemical industrial group company Ltd. and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation(Sinopec). Covering 274 hectare, FPCL is located in quangang district, quanzhou city, fujian province,. His former is Fujian refinery, which was founded in January 1989, completed start-up in September 1993 and reformed to become a limited liability company in December 1995. After the expansion in may 1997, FPCL’s annual capacity was enhanced from the original 2.5 million tons to 4 million tons. FPCL mainly processed imported crude oil and his petrochemical products include 58 grades of 22 types under 6 categories, such as lead free motor gasoline, light diesel oil and 3# jet fuel, which have been granted the certificates of“Quality Product” and “Customer Satisfied Product”in fujian province. As the first company following new factory design mode in Sinopec, FPCL has characteristics of compact layout, short process configuration and high automation level. The Distributed Control System (DCS) was applied in FPCL’s operation management, which has the advantage of ocular simulation, simple operation, sensitive reaction and centralized information. FPCL has already accumulative processed 45,952,500 tons crude oil since the completion and start-up in 1993 to the end of 2007.

FPCL, ExxonMobil China Petroleum & Petrochemical Company Ltd. and Saudi Aramco Sino Company Ltd. jointly invested USD 4,963 million in the proportion of 50%:25%:25% respectively to establish Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company Ltd.(FREP), whose register capital is USD 1,654 million, on June 16, 2007. Based on FPCL’s existing 4Mt/a refinery, FREP is building a series new units, including: 8Mt/a refinery, 800Kt/a steam cracker, 800Kt/a PE, 400Kt/a PP and 700Kt/a PX; POX-Cogen unit, which utilizes solvent de-asphalt to produce syngas for production of hydrogen, other industrial gas as well as power generation; in-site and off-site utility facility supporting the above mentioned units and 300 KDWT crude oil terminal and 600KM3 transfer oil tanks as well. It is estimated that the commissioning and start-up of FREP new refining units would be in July 2008 and petrochemical unit would be in March 2009.

Address: Quangang district, Quanzhou city, Fujian Proince
Code: 362800
Tel: 0595-87876188