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Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Co., Ltd

SHANGHAI SECCO PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY LIMITED is a 30/20/50 equity Joint Venture by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited, BP Chemicals East China Investments Limited. Incorporated in November 2001, the Company is set out to build an internationally competitive petrochemical enterprise, which will manufacture and market high quality petrochemical products, replacing imports and meeting the increased .

The 2.04km2 complex is located at Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP), 12km away from the industrial base of Shanghai Petrochemical Company Base, and the establishment of the plant is in line with the general Shanghai Municipal layout. Shanghai, the driving force of Yangtze River Delta, is making every effort to become a world center of economy, finance, and trade. Its manufacture, processing, trade, logistics and other service industries are undergoing rapid growth. In addition, Shanghai boasts of convenient transportation by land, rails and water that are advantaged condition for company development. Shanghai and its neighboring Jiangsu provinces and Zhejiang province are the most developed regions in China with strong and huge demand of petrochemical products.

Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP), following the guideline of integrated product projects, utilities, logistics, environmental protection, and management service, avails SECCO 900ktpa Ethylene Cracker Complex to convenient service facilities in SCIP. On the other hand, the complex, as the leading project in the park, can supply materials to downstream projects and other projects on the product chain in SCIP, making full use of resources and achieving accumulative effect by driving the development in the whole area.

SECCO aims to be both competitively successful and a force for good. Its products will allow people to enjoy a better quality of life. We aim to produce these products in a way that is respectful to the natural environment as well as respectful to our staff, our consumers and those who live in the communities surrounding our site. SECCO will be a magnet for people who want to and are committed to change, to innovation, and to a performance standard that challenges the China and the world's best companies.

We are building a 900ktpa naphtha fed ethylene cracker and its downstream derivative plants with a total investment of approximately $2.7billion. This plant and its derivative plants are of the world scale/technologies, and will be an internationally competitive facility with its joint venture management, marketing, and R&D. In according to the objectives preset by Board, the plant broke ground on March 28, 2002, and is expected to reach mechanical completion by end of 2004. Commissioning and beneficial operation is scheduled in first half of 2005.

The management of SECCO is carried out by JV BUSINESS and IPMT(Integrated Project Management Team) under the leadership of Board of Directors, in order to adapt the project built and production management. JV BUSINESS is responsible for the Company's marketing and operation, including Finance, Marketing, HR, Production, and other departments. IPMT, made up of nominees by shareholders and supporting contractor, is responsible for the execution of the project, including design and engineering of facilities, and related procurement, construction, and commissioning. IPMT consists of six functional departments, namely, Engineering Construction, Assurance, Controls, Procurement, HSE, and Administration. Upon its completion, the project is to be handed over to JV BUSINESS for operation.

Company's legal representative, Wang Jiming

30F, Building A, Far East International Plaza, 299 Xianxia Road, Shanghai, China Postal Code: 200051
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Address: Xihe Road, Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, China
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