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SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield Company

Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau of Sinopec Group and Shengli Oil Field Company of Sinopec Corporation are also called as Sinopec Shengli Oil Field. It is mainly located in Dongying, Shandong Province and its working areas are distributed in 8 cities and 28 counties in Shandong Province, and also in 5 provinces and autonomy regions in other parts of China, such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. 

Shengli Oilfield was discovered and developed on the base of early stage of oil exploration in the whole North China in 1950s. The commercial well Hua 8 drilled in April 16, 1961 marked the discovery of Shengli Oilfield. A larger scale of petroleum exploration and exploitation campaign started on January 25, 1964 approved by the central government in where is now called Dongying. Shengli has been the second largest oilfield since 1978 with annual oil output of 19.46 million tons that year. It was reorganized as Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau of Sinopec Group and Shengli Oilfield Co. Ltd. in 2000. Shengli Oilfield Co. Ltd. was named again in 2006 as Shengli Oil Field Company of Sinopec Corporation. The oil production is 27.34 million tons in 2011 with natural gas of 500 million cubic meters. Shengli has managed to maintain the annual oil output over 27 million tons in the past 16 concessive years, and reached a proved reserve and production balance in the past 15 concessive years. 

For over 50 years, 78 different kinds of oil and gas fields have been found in Shengli oil field, with total proven OOIP of 5.21 billion tons. Shengli’s accumulative oil production is up to 1.03 billion tons, accounting for one fifth of that of the whole national output in the same period and half of the whole Bohai Basin. As the main force of production incremental in Chinese petroleum industry, and a leading enterprise, the main oil and profit producer of Sinopec, Shengli has contribute tremendously in safeguarding the national energy security, promoting development of national economy, conducting the nation’s overall strategy of “stabilizing the East and developing the West”. A new oil city of Dongying emerges from nothing with the discovery and growing up of Shengli, because of its massive of public welfare facilities. Shengli’s annual industrial added value and taxes account for a large part in Shandong province’s economy, especially for Dongying, so Shengli also play a very important role in the regional economy development. 

For over 50 years, Shengli has forged an invincible hard-working employment full of Shengli characteristics of dedication and high technical capacity. It has formed a new era Shengli Culture: From Enterprising to Innovation, From Shengli to Victory. Shengli has been honored the titles of National Enterprise Culture Model Base, National Civilized Unit, 10 Best of Enterprise Culture fostering Organization in New China, Top 10 Enterprise Culture Influence, National Best Integrity Enterprise in the past years, etc. 

On June 10, 2011, Sinopec hold a grand rally Shengli Oilfield Quinquagenary of Discovery and One Billion Tons of Production to honor Shengli with the Extraordinary Contribution within Sinopec. Party and State leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhou Yongkang and Zhang Dejiang has sent congratulatory letters or made important instructions. Comrade Zhou Yongkang has composed specially a canticle Uphold Glorious Tradition and Create Centenary Brilliance to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Shengli Oilfields. This article highly appreciated the tremendous achievement of Shengli and also placed great hopes for the future of Shengli. Sinopec’s managing director, Mr. Fu Chengyu, highly evaluated the enormous achievements of Shengli in the past 50 years and request Shengli contribute more in Sinopec’s process of constructing a multinational energy and chemical company with international competitiveness and safeguarding the national energy security. 

Shengli’s past is glorious, but the future is even more prosperous! Shengli has marched into a new development stage after passing the historic one-billion-ton production point and its 50th anniversary. Under the guideline of the Party and State leaders, combined with the Sinopec’s vision to be top-ranking enterprise and the long-term program of Centenary of Innovation and Centenary of Shengli, our adjusted goals in the 12th Five Year Plan Period are to prove OOIP of 700 million tons,OGIP of 5 billion cubic meters. The general goals in 2015 are to enhance the annual oil production rate to 28.4 million tons on the bases of the balance between reserve and production in the stage, and to reach a stable annual gas production rate of 500 million cubic meters; to meet the target of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction designated by the Shandong Provincial Government and Sinopec, largely to promote its competitiveness in the fields of profitability. 

For a fair long time, Shengli will carry out and implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the Integrated Management and Integrated Development, and focus on scientific development and shift the mode of development. By means of optimizing the structure and reforming management system, Shengli will achieve the vision of establishing the top-ranking company and realizing the leading in development through boosting the four development strategies of Resource, Markets, integration, Green Low Carbon, and the four development roads of expending oil and gas E&P, intensifying the petroleum engineering, upgrade the working area services, and consolidating the cooperation with the locals. We are confident to make Shengli oilfield as a green and low carbon environment friendly, well-known and highly respected big oilfield both at home and abroad which possesses abundant multi-resources and sustainable development ability with powerful competitive and advanced technologies and management. Shengli will create new situation of scientific development and realize the vision of Centenary of Innovation and Centenary of Shengli and make new contributions to the national’s social and economic development. 

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