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SINOPEC Henan Oilfield Branch Company

SINOPEC Henan Oilfield Branch Company (hereinafter referred to as Henan Oilfield), is a petroleum and petrochemical enterprise with 12 subunits, headquartered in Nanyang city, the southwest of Henan province. The oilfield located at Nanyang, Zhumadian and Zhoukou of Henan province; and Bazhou, Yili of Xinjiang province. 

Oil and gas exploration is the core business of Henan Oilfield. From 1970, the exploration started and got the first commercial hydrocarbon flow from Dongzhuang Structure, Nanyang Sag in August, 1971. Then the other oil discoveries were achieved at Biyang, Puyang and Yanqi basins through exploration drilling. On May 1, 1972, Nanyang Petroleum Exploration Headquarter and Henan Oilfield were established formally. In November, 2009, Henan Oilfield became the operator of Chunguang block which is located at Junggar Basin of Xinjiang province. In 2011, the newly increased proved petroleum reserves exceeds 20 million ton at the first time. Up to the end of 2011, Henan Oilfield has discovered 16 oil and gas operating blocks with 220.97 Km2 oil-bearing area, the proved petroleum reserves has been up to 350 million ton (oil equivalent). The geological reserves of Anpeng alkali mine exceed 50 million tons and Wuyang brine pan exceeds 200 billion tons. Therefore, Henan Oilfield gained awards of “National Geology Exploration Contribution Enterprise” and “National Geology Exploration Outstanding Collective”. 

Henan Oilfield keeps going on improving operation capability. On May 1, 1977, the petroleum producing capacity Construction started and full-scope development was started in 1978, the annual output was 1.67 million tons, made great contribution to 100 million tons of national crude oil production at that year. So, the name of Henan Oilfield was engraved on China Millennium Monument as a history memory. It took only 6 years to complete cost recovery and kept 12 years high-speed producing with oil producing rate more than 2%. Shuanghe block is the main producing block, was named as “National High Exploiting Efficiency Block” with recovery efficiency up to 44.7%. In 2011, the production was 2.25 million tons and the total output was 72.1238 million tons. A subsidiary, Nanyang Fine Wax Chemical Plant, built in 1975 and has developed into a comprehensive oil refinery and petrochemical enterprise with fine wax, fuel, lubricating oil and petrochemical. Nowadays fine wax is the main product and sold very well. 

Henan Oilfield keeps going on improving innovation and technology creation capability. A multi-disciplinary, multi-level and well mating technical innovation system has been established, it includes basic research of exploration and development, petroleum engineering technology innovation and application. An entirety of advanced exploration and development technology for various types of reservoirs has been formed. In exploration technology field, serial and comprehensive technologies system has been formed, main technologies are high-accuracy 3D seismic exploration and complicated subtle unconventionality oil-gas exploration. In petroleum development field, the serial and comprehensive technologies system includes EOR at high water-cut producing later stage, tertiary oil recovery matching and thin shallow layer heavy oil recovery matching technologies. In drilling field, the technologies system includes shallow layer horizontal well drilling, highly-deviated and multi-target directional well drilling, ultra-high temperature drilling fluid and unconventionality oil-gas horizontal well with long horizontal distance drilling, etc. Many science research achievements have reached national or international advanced level. During “National 11th Five-Year Plan” Henan Oilfield had won 583 scientific and technology prizes, 28 in provincial / ministry level and 555 in bureau level. And, 82 patents were granted. 

Henan Oilfield keeps going on improving management ability. The core of our management system is “Economic and Technology upgrade balanced, execute each detail of operation management, decrease cost and increase profit by program, Standard management on grass-roots units”. The enterprise’s ability to make profit is growing up gradually. A lot of information application systems, such as ERP, OA, exploration and development original data acquisition have been established which improved enterprise’s management efficiency, level and competitive ability. Henan Oilfield has been classified as “First Class Enterprise” by Henan province and country. “Adaptation Strategic Management in Henan Oilfield” has won the second prize of national management innovation achievements; In 2008, Henan Oilfield was named as Henan province Outstanding Contributions state-owned enterprise in the 30 years reform and opening up; classified as Information-Based A Class Enterprise by SINOPEC in 2010; won “National petroleum and chemical industry excellent practice prize”. 

As a state-owned company, Henan Oilfield take caring for society and participating in public welfare undertakings as key elements of fulfilling social responsibilities. Focusing on “human first” policy, set up whole HSE management system, and create a long-term mechanism of persistent security. Henan Oilfield was chosen as advanced unit of SINOPEC HSE operation management and environment protection for several times. Priority of clean energy is recognized in operation system. The discharge of wastes (such as exhaust gas, liquid waste, rubbish, etc.) and total quantity of COD and SO2 cut could meet the demand of related law. Henan Oilfield actively supports local economy development, participate in flood control and disaster relief, and donate to educational and new village building projects. 

In 2012, Henan Oilfield will develop more practically and reasonable, follow the overall plan of “stabilizing the producing of old block, develop new block fast, develop oil and gas balanced, expanding market, strengthening petrochemical industry”, the target of this year is focusing on market expanding, technical upgrade, management optimization, infrastructure sturdy development, improvement of comprehensive capability, fully improve the capability of sustainable development,making new larger contribution in the new construction voyage of an international first class energy and petro-chemical corporation. 

Address: Henan Nanyang Oilfield, Wancheng District, Nanyang City, Henan Province 
Postal Code: 473132 
Telephone: +86 0377 63839979 
Fax: +86 0377 63839973