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SINOPEC Jianghan Oilfield Company

SINOPEC Jianghan Oilfield Company (JOC hereinafter) is located in the beautiful and fertile Jianghan Plain, with the headquarter in Qianjiang city, Hubei Province. It is geographically advantageous and convenient in traffic, which is evidenced by being bounded by the Hanjiang River on the north and the Changjiang River on the south, 150km west of Wuhan(the nine-province thoroughfare in history), and 60km east of Jingzhou City, a famous historic and cultural city. By the end of 2011, JOC has general assets up to RMB 14.9 billions. 

Since the petroleum exploration began in 1958, JOC has established four petroleum exploration and development areas, including Jianghan Province in Hubei, Bamianhe Oilfield in Shandong, Pingbei Oilfield in Shaanxi, and Jiannan Gasfield in West Hubei-East Chongqing. The oil and gas have been produced by five plants, namely the Jianghan Oil Production Plant, Jingzhou Oil Production Plant and Qinghe Oil Production Plant, Pingbei Management Department and Natural Gas Production Plant. By the end of 2011, JOC had won 8 prospecting licence blocks in China, with resources of 787 MMT for oil and 4.6100 TCM(trillion cubic meters) for gas; It has discovered a total of 31 oilfields with proven oil reserves of 358 MMT and accumulative oil production of 54.39 MMT, and one gas field with proven gas reserves of 15.991 BCM and accumulative gas production of 2.158 BCM. Nowadays, JOC has annual production of 162.8×104t for oil and 208 MMCM for gas. 

JOC has abundant subsurface salt and brine resources, with proved reserves of 790 billion tons for rock salt and 100 billion cubic meters for brine. Its subsidiary, Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex has produced more than 20 types of 4 series of products, including bleaching powder concentrate, ion-membrane caustic soda, liquid chlorine and refined salt. Especially, bleaching powder concentrate, as a national key emerging product listed by the Sci-Tech Department of China, has an annual production of 40,000 tons, ranking the first in Asia and the second in the world, with 98% of the products exported abroad. The ion-membrane caustic soda has an annual production of 0.2 MMT, ranking the second in Hubei Province. The both are evaluated as "The Brand-famous Product of Hubei Province". 

Over decades of practices, JOC has grown up to have technologies in petroleum exploration and development, from selection of prospect areas, to basin assessment, play evaluation and target drilling. It is capable of independently developing medium- to large-sized marine or continental uncompartmented fields, complex faulted block fields, and extra-low permeability fields. It has developed a series of technologies for petroleum exploration and development with Jianghan characteristics, such as technologies for exploration and development for continental complicated faulted block reservoirs, marine carbonate reservoirs, and subtle reservoirs in salt lake basins, technologies for seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation in topographically complicated areas, technologies for development of low-permeability reservoirs, and technologies for exploration and development of non-conventional reservoirs such as heavy oil,inter-salt dolomite reservoirs and shale oil & gas. Since the “Eleventh Five Year Plan”, JOC has been awarded Science Research Prizes 5 in Hubei Province, 15 in SINOPEC, and 126 in JOC. In addition, a total of 33 technologies have been applied for patent, including 21 technologies winning patents. 

Looking forward to the future, JOC will make great efforts to increase productions of oil and gas, boost development of the characteristic technologies, in order to become into a classic, characteristic upstream enterprise of SINOPEC, with predominant industries, excellent assets and properties, flexible mechanism and scientific management, by means of using the strategies of resources, market, integration, characterization, brand management and enterprise under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development. 

Address: Guanghua, Qianjiang, Hubei Province, P. R. C 
Zip code: 433124 
Web Site:http//www.jhpa.com.cn