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SINOPEC Jiangsu Oilfield Company

Sinopec Corp. Jiangsu Oilfield Company (hereinafter to be referred as Jiangsu Oilfield Company) is a large comprehensive inter-regional conglomerate integrated oil exploration, oil and gas production, procession and sale. There are 9 units affiliated to Jiangsu Oilfield Company which possesses 67 performance crews. 

Headquartered in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, the oil-bearing area of Jiangsu Oilfield Company is widely distributed within 6 cities, 15 counties and 58 townships in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, covering Jiangdu, Hanjiang, Gaoyou, Yizheng of Yangzhou city, Xinghua of Taizhou city, Huaiyin, Jinhu, Xuyi, Hongze of Huaian city, Dongtai, Sheyang, Tinghu of Yancheng city in Jiangsu Province and Tianchang, Laian of Chuzhou city in Anhui province. 

In 2011, the oil production was 1.71 million tons and gas production 35.40 million cubic meters. Up to now, 38 oil and gas fields have been discovered, with 267 million tons of proved geological oil reserves, 229.97 square kilometers of oil-bearing area and 8.518 billion cubic meters of geological gas reserves been proved. With regard to the overall situation, oil and gas production will move steadily at present and in the long future. Particularly, Xuwen Block of Beibuwan Basin, Fuyang region of Southern North China basin, Mesozoic & Paleozoic of lower Yangtze and unconventional oil and gas exploration area, as the exploration replace areas, are in the preliminary stage of evaluation research and early breakthrough stage of exploration evaluation with enormous potentials. 

Jiangsu Oilfield Company is equipped with advanced and exclusive technology in oil exploration and development. Relying on the efforts for many years, it has accumulated successful experience and developed the technology of roll exploration and development in complicated mini-faulted-blocks pools within the Yangtze Gold Delta called "the challenge to geologists" where rivers and lakes are crisscross and the structure of stratum grows intricate. The company takes leading position in the drilling technique of the cluster well integrated development river-net oilfield and the design method of high inclination well mechanical oil production system. It has developed and perfected the integrated processes and supporting technique of fault-blocks exploration and development. It has set up a river-net fault block oil field seismic acquisition processing and interpretation techniques, and the borehole technology. The fault-block group basin simulation, structural evaluation, punctilious reservoir description and reservoir engineering research and design technology rank the forefront of the industry. 

2012, Jiangsu Oilfield Company will fight exploration of offensive battle, lay a good exploration, development of defense battle, operating control, management efficiency, constantly create a new situation, make a new great contribution for constructing SINOPEC into an international first class energy and petro-chemical corporation. 

How to Contact : 
Address: No.1, West Wenhui Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province 
Postcode: 225009 
TEL: +86 ( 0514 ) 87762001 
FAX: +86 ( 0514 ) 87761111 
E-mail: joeco@joeco.com.cn