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Sinopec Southwest Oil & Gas Company

SINOPEC Southwest Oil & Gas Company(hereinafter referred to as Southwest Oil & Gas Company), which is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is engaged in oil & gas exploration, marketing and other relative business in southwest China.

The oil & gas exploration area of Southwest Oil & Gas Company is mainly distributed in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi etc.. By ceaseless efforts, Southwest Oil & Gas Company has made great breakthroughs in the E & D of tight detrital rock and marine facies carbonatite in Sichuan Basin, discovered the oversized Xinchang Gas Field and many middle gas fields such as Shilongchang, Luodai, Hesingchang, Xiaoquan, Majing, Xindudongtai, also developed several oil & gas fields in DQG area known as Baise, Chishui, Qujing, Luliang, Baoshan etc.. Southwest Oil & Gas Company has built professional units in many working areas, including oil & gas exploration, development, scientific research and marketing. He also cultivated a number of pioneers and experts in technical research and management. The post-doctoral research institute, which is the cradle of talents, has been established and the independent innovation ability strengthened. A series of E & D techniques adapted to the area characteristics such as ultra deep, extreme pressure and over tight detrital rock has been shaped and gained more than 300 national and provincial Advanced Technology Award and Exploration Achievement Award. The continental facies petroleum accumulation theory and natural gas exploration and development technologies in tight detrital rock reached the leading level in China.

Southwest Oil & Gas Company now owns 38 petroleum exploration blocks with area amounts to 22,000 km2, and the total gas reserves reached 7800 billion cubic meters, oil 83.3 million tons. The exploration and development techniques and equipment are excellent and complete. With more than 1,600 oil or gas wells, 350 terminals and 2,200 km long gas gathering line, a systemic, complete gas production, transmission and marketing network has been in shape. The gas markets mainly distributes in west Sichuan core areas such as Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang etc. and simultaneously serves north and northeast Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou. The gas production has accumulated to 29 billion cubic meters, oil 1.6 million tons. The gas and oil output in 2010 was 2.7 billion cubic meters and 2, 5000 tons respectively.

The implementation of “spare no effort to build upstream units and great development in natural gas” strategy and the quick economic development in southwest area provides Southwest Oil & Gas Company a good opportunity and a larger stage. We will continue to carry out the in-depth study and practice of the scientific outlook on development and spare no effort to build the 10 billion gas field, making the new phase scientific, harmonic with sound and fast development.

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