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SINOPEC Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Company

SINOPEC Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Company (hereinafter referred as SHOPC) is located in Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China, being an economic, finance, trade and shipping center of China. The headquarter is in Pudong New area, Shanghai.

SHOPC is specialized in offshore oil and gas exploration and development, mainly engaged in three respects, one is management of Xihu and Pinghu oilfield development project in the East China Sea on behalf of Sinopec, including exploration evaluation research, development construction, and natural sale of natural gas from Xihu project and safeguarding the interests of the shareholders of Sinopec. The second is offshore exploration in the East China Sea, the South China Sea and the Yellow Sea for the purpose of discovering new oil and gas field and establish self-development base as soon as possible. The third is oversea offshore exploration and development research project.

SHOPC has achieved brilliant results in oil and gas exploration in the East China Sea, discovering 11 oil and gas fields in the East China Sea, including Pinghu, Tianwaitian, and Baoyunting. A number of oil and gas bearing structures have been discovered, such as Yuquan, Long’er and Kongqueting. SHOPC has made outstanding contributions to the country’s oil and gas development and have won the title of Meritorious Unit of geological prospecting and more than 60 awards issued by the State Scientific and Technological Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Trade Commission, the National Mineral Resources Committee, the Ministry of Geology and Mineral, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government for significant exploration results.

Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Company has 26 offshore exploration blocks, with an area of 87100 km2, of which 11 blocks are independent exploration blocks covering an area of 49300km2, located in East China Sea Basin, Qiongdongnan Basin and Beibu Gulf Basin, 13 blocks are jointly exploration blocks with China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and two are jointly development blocks which are located in East China Sea Shelf Basin and Xihu Depression, covering an area of 37765km2. By 2011, SHOPC has obtained 2.2×108t oil reserves, with exploration success rate of more than 60%.

Aiming at making great breakthrough in discovering new oil and gas fields, SHOPC has made significant achievements in self-exploration blocks in 2011; two exploration wells have been drilled successfully in Weixinan area, with good HC shows in Well Weixi-3, providing a solid foundation for next exploration in this area. In Qiongdongnan deep water exploration area, three structures have been chosen as the drilling target for the first exploration well, and approval from SINOPC headquarters to drill the first exploration well has been obtained. The development of oil and gas fields is stable, which guarantee the stable energy supply for Shanghai and Zhejiang province. SHOPC has conducted oversea exploration projects successfully, and put forward proposals for exploration planning in Nigeria deep water area, Veni Block of Sakhalin, and NT/P76 Block of Australia. In addition, the overall design for Brazil HC exploration project has been finished.

2012 is the key year of “the Twelfth Five Year Plan". It’s also an important year for SHOPC to make great breakthrough in deep water exploration. Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Company will implement Sinopec’s resource strategy of “Stabilize the East, Increase the Production Quickly in the West, Speed up the Production of Natural Gas in the South, Make Advance in Offshore Exploration and Development, and Make Great Progress in Development of Unconventional Gas”, speed up technological innovation, strengthen fine management, intensify the training of personnel, and build SHOPC into a large scale offshore oil and gas development basement in Shanghai. SHOPC will try the best to make great contribution for Sinopec enhancing the upstream of petroleum industry and becoming the world first class energy and petrochemical corporation.

Address: 1225 Shangcheng Road, Shanghai P.R.China 
Postcode: 200120 
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Website: www.shopc.com.cn 
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