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SINOPEC Northwest Oil Field Company

Sinopec Northwest oil field company is the second big crude oil operation enterprise of Sinopec upstream enterprise. Oil field main body is located Akesu area, Bayinguole autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and section is located Hetian area in Xinjiang. It headquarters in Urumqi, and the front directing base is located in Luntai county of Bayinguolen Mongolia autonomous prefecture.  

Northwest oil field company is responsible for 44 exploration and operation blocks, and the mining right registration area is 0.1467 million Square kilometers, which are distributed in Middle Tarim, North Tarim, Bachu and Southwest Tarim piedmont. The proved reserves 1.276 billion tons of oil equivalent, Cumulative movable oil reserves 659 million tons, natural gas reserves 91.2 billion cubic metres. 6 oil gas fields of Tahe, West Daliya, Bashituo, Yakela, Dalaoba and S3-1 Condensate gas field have been put in production, in which Tahe oil field is the largest one. By the end of 2011, 978 wells have been opend, cumulative oil operation 55.22 million tons, natural gas 13.28 billion cubic metres. At present, the daily crude oil production is been kept at 20 thousands tons above, the expected annual oil production in 2012 is 7.35 million tons.  

On September 22, 1984, well SC2 deployed at Shaya uplift in Tarim basin got important breakthrough, which opened the large-scale oil-gas exploration in Tarim basin. In 1997, well S46 and well S48, deployed at Akekule uplift in Tarim basin, had obtained high yielding and stable industrial oil-gas flow early or late, which marks the discovery of Tahe oil field, the first big Paleozoic marine facies oil field in China. Thereafter Tahe oil field has been getting into rapidly development stage. Since the 11th five-year, the annual incremental oil production rate amplitude is 0.6 million tons, which attributes to 80% of yearly incremental production of Sinopec. Tahe oil field was among the big 10 oil fields on land in China in 2006, and became the second big oil field of Sinopec in 2007.  

With the rapid development in the west, SINOPEC Northwest Company has stepped in “the fast development lane” of scientification and standardization. The oil company model has been further improved to be a modern oil company management model with distinct Sinopec characteristics through gradually exploration——“Flat organization structure, marketing engineering construction, socializing service and guarantee, centralized production running, automatic operation plant, flowing management process, information system management”. Comparing to the companies with same production scale, it possesses the finest institution organization, the lest management staff and the highest labor capacity. Furthermore, new highs are repeatedly created in many economy indexes. For example, per capita out, benefit and profits come out first among onshore oil fields over the years. Also, significant progress was made in scientific and technical innovation in which the project of “Exploration and development of extra large type Ordovician carbonate oil and gas fields in Tahe oil field” was honored with Natinal First Level Technology Advance Award. In addition, the company has got great achievements in corporate culture construction. Based on inheriting Tahe spirits of “taking the lead and unceasing innovation”, key value concepts of aims on “firing Tahe and happy northwest”, vision on “building 10MMTPA large oil and gas field”, style on “roughness, pragmaticality, finess and high efficiency” and theme on “sincere, standardization, harmony and win-win” were established. 

Looking forward to the future, as requested by Sinopec the new development target being “building international top-class energy chemical company” and guided by the concept of scientific development, Northwest company will take firm hold the excellent opportunities in field development. To reach a common understanding, confirm confidence, strive for the top-class to become the head of increasing reserves and production; to accelerate the construction of 10 MMTPA large oil and gas field and work hard for national energy safety, SINOPEC upstream development and local economic construction; to realize western resource replacement strategy and contribute much more to push forward building socialist harmonious society. 

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