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SINOPEC Southwest Oil & Gas Company

Sinopec Southwest Oil & Gas Company (Hereafter referred as the Company) is a domestic upstream oilfield company of Sinopec, in charge of oil and gas exploration, development and sales in Sichuan basin and surrounding areas. The former of the Company was Sichuan Petroleum General Survey and Exploration Headquarter, established in 1976. The authorities are located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and the grass-roots units spread across Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.  

Up to December 2019, the Company had included 20 functional departments, 27 direct units and about 5,300 employees. The Company has 38 preparation blocks for oil and gas exploration and development, covering a total area of 18,300 square kilometers, with 8.45 trillion cubic meters of conventional natural gas and 2.08 trillion cubic meters of unconventional natural gas. And it holds tertiary reserves of 2.1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, 23 developing gas fields, and the annual natural gas production capacity is about 7 billion cubic meters.  

The Company always keeps in mind the original intention and mission of "Love China, and prosper petrochemical industry", and "Fuel for a better life, and cheer on the construction of our motherland", taking every effort to play the role as a clean energy producer and supplier, and constantly improving the construction of natural gas production-supply-storage-sales system. The Company has formed unique technical advantages in the three major oil and gas fields: tight sandstone gas, marine sulfur gas and deep shale gas, and successfully developed a number of large and medium-sized gas fields such as Xinchang, Majing, Zhongjiang, and Yuanba to realize digital, intelligent management and scientific control. The Company is pushing forward the development and construction of new areas such as the western Sichuan marine facies and southern Sichuan shale gas, and accelerating the establishment of 10-billion-output gas fields. In general, the Company has shown a trend of rising in three aspects: oil and gas development, environmental harmony, and team morale.  

Facing the new era, the Company will actively integrate into Sinopec's strategy of building a world-class oil company and thriving for Sichuan. Focusing on the development blueprint of “building two 10-billion-output gas fields and forging first-class oil company”, the Company is accelerating effective and rapid development of natural gas, and endeavoring for national oil and gas cause as well as local economic and social development, trying to make new and greater contributions.  

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