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SINOPEC Southwest Oil& Gas Company

Sinopec Southwest Oil& Gas Company (Hereafter referred to the Company) is engaged in oil& gas exploration, production, marketing& related business in southwest China. Located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, the Southwest Oil& Gas Company has the total assets valued at RMB 22 billion. 

The exploration& production blocks of the Southwest Oil& Gas Company are mainly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou Province, Guangxi Autonomous Region and Chongqing municipality. Over many years, the Southwest Oil& Gas Company made important achievements in tight clastic and marine carbonate rock exploration, successfully explored and developed Xinchang Gasfield which is a supergiant and integrated gas field and other large and middle scale oil& gas fields such as Luodai gas field, Hexingchang gas field, Xiaoquan gas field, Majing gas field, Xindu gas field, Dongtai gas field, Shilongchang gas field. In addition, the company discovered oil& gas field such as Baise field, Chishui field, Qujing field,Luliang field, Baoshan field in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi province. The company has built up professional crews in the area of oil& gas exploration, production, scientific research and marketing, cultivated lots of academic leaders, management experts and technicians, set up platform for talents backed by post-doctorial scientific research work station. The independent innovation capability has been greatly enhanced, especially the special technology in tight clastic rock and marine carbonate rock exploration& production has been greatly improved. It put forward innovative geological theory about transformation of overlapping tight sandstone to oil& gas reservoir, the theory of continental reservoir and technology in gas exploration& production of tight clastic rock lead the industry in China. Up to now, the company has obtained 320-odd Scientific& Technological Progress and Exploration Achievement awards at state or ministerial level, 29 state-authorized patents, 6 computer copyrights, 8 proprietary technologies of Sinopec. 

At present, the company owns 39 exploration and production blocks with area of 24.8 thousand square kilometers. The total volume of natural gas and petroleum resource amounts to 7.77 trillion cubic meters and 99.15 million tons respectively. Meanwhile, the area of shale gas exploration covers 10.2 thousand square kilometer, the total resource volume will be 7.6 trillion cubic meters according to preliminary estimation. By the end of year 2011, the accumulative oil& gas reserve of three levels reached 1.14 trillion cubic meters and 35.56 million tons, including proved reserve 395.324 billion cubic meters and 15.6 million tons. The company has a complete set of sophisticated E&P technology and advanced equipments& supporting system. 

The company boasts about 1600 oil& gas wells, 380 gas supplying station and 2400-kilometer-long gas pipeline of various kinds. The markets of gas sales are mainly distributed in the cities of Chendu, Deyang and Mianyang which are core area of economic development in Western Sichuan province. Based on these regions, the markets has been expanded to northern& northeast Sichuan province, Chongqing Municipality, Yunanan Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region. The accumulative oil &gas output reaches 1.6 million tons and 33 billion cubic meters respectively while output in 2011 reaches 2.8 billion cubic meters and 20 thousand tons. 

Since the period of “twelfth five year plan”, the company has stepped on new march of “building build gas field of which annual production capacity will reach 20 billion cubic meters by 2020 through great-leap-forward development”. It will deeply study and practice scientific outlook on development, carry out the strategy of developing nature resource. Much work should be done in the projects of increasing reserve and production and make new and greater contribution to the objective of “building world first-class energy& chemical corporation” and local economic development by making joint efforts, overcoming difficulties and effectively facilitating the construction of gas field with annual output of 20 billion by year of 2020. 

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