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Sinopec North China E&P Company

Sinopec North China E&P Company(Hereafter refer to North China E&P Company)predecessor was North China Petroleum Bureau of SINOPEC Star Petroleum Company. Subject to the Corporation’s instruction in August, 2001, North China Petroleum Bureau of SINOPEC Star Petroleum Company was restructured, from which the superior asset was listed and named North China Company of SINOPEC Star Petroleum Corporation. In May 2003, the Company was directly subordinate to SINOPEC and named SINOPEC North China E&P Company. Its headquarter is positioned in Zhengzhou, Henan. 

North China E&P Company possesses 16 oil and gas exploration and development blocks with an area of 28,500 square kilometers, 1.199 billion tons of oil resources volume, and 253 billion cubic meters of gas resources volume. Its annual oil and gas production is over 2.4 million tons of oil equivalent. Daily gas production reaches 7.5 million cubic meters. The Company becomes a central gas supplier from SINOPEC to Shandong, Henan and Inner Mongolia, taking up eighty percent of the local gas supply. 
Since the 6th five-year Plan period, North China E&P Company has received more than 170 awards for exploration and scientific accomplishments at the national, provincial or ministerial level. The discovery of Daniudi Gas Field in Ordos Basin was evaluated to be one of the national ten achievements in Geological Prospecting in 2007. Tight Clastic Rock Accumulation Theory and Exploration and Development Practices were rewarded the national second grade prize for science progress. The project 1 billion cubic meters of gas productivity development won the prize of national excellent investment in 2011. Currently there are over 10 scientific projects undergoing at national and ministerial level with annual investment of almost RMB 0.1 billion. 
North China E&P Company is shouldering the important task of SINOPEC’s first force to increase oil & gas production for the 12th five-year Plan period. By the end of 2011,the company launched the battle for oil and gas reserves and production enhancement in Ordos Basin, accelerating the "double hundred" oil and gas field construction pace. It is to make a new great contribution for constructing SINOPEC into an international first class energy and petro-chemical corporation. 

The Company’s medium and long term goal is that the production of cruel oil will reach 4 million tons and gas 10 billion cubic meters by the end of the 12th five-year Plan period so that North China E&P Company is able to strive to enter the rank of the enterprises with 10 millions tons of oil and gas as equivalent soon as possible. 

Address: 199 Longhaixi Road, Zhengzhou, Henan 
Post Code: 450006 
Phone: 86 371 86002200 
Fax: 86 371 86002220 
Email: hbsyjbgs@163.com