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SINOPEC Pipeline Storage & Transportation Company

SINOPEC Pipeline Storage & Transportation Company (“SINOPEC PSTC”for short), the specialized pipeline company engaged in the transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gas in SINOPEC Group, operates the oil pipeline network which connects the upstream and downstream of the petro-chemical enterprises affiliated to SINOPEC Group. The PSTC, headquartered in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, manages 11 oil transport operation sub-companies of Weifang, Nanjing, Liaocheng, Xinxiang, Changzhou, Xiangfan, Luning, Yichang, Hongjing, Jingtang and Qingdao oil tank farm, and it operates 37 oil pipelines that stretches over 6000 km among 14 provinces and national municipalities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Guangdong. Inside of SINOPEC, PSTC takes the charge of crude oil transferring from 5 large domestic oil fields including Shengli, Zhongyuan, and etc, and as well as the crude oil imported to some major refineries and petrochemical corp. in SINOPEC Group, such as Yanshan, Tianjin, Qilu, Qingdao, Yizheng, Jinling, Yangzi, Shanghai, Anqing, Jiujiang, Jingmen and Luoyang Petrochemical Corp. that located in the area of North-China, the middle stream and down stream of the Yangzi River and South-China.  

With the establishment and its practice for the resource stratagem set down by SINOPEC Group in recent few years, PSTC has been developing greatly and rapidly. In 2009, it transported more than 89 million tons of crude oil rolling from both of domestic and overseas, and realized the tenth safety operation year continually. In 2010, PSTC would further get hold of the opportunity of pipeline development, give priority to “I want safety” campaign, decrease  both of operating cost and energy consumption, carry out the activities of “emulate, learn from, come up with, help and in turn surpass each other”thoroughly, promote scientific and technological progress and management innovation vigorously, adhere to the principle of people-centered, emphasize to improve the condition and benefit all the employees, and mobilize all the enthusiasm to complete the objectives and tasks this year fully, as one of its specialized subsidiary, PSTC would make a greater contribution in order to build SINOPEC into a multinational corporation in energy and chemical industry with strong international competitiveness in the future.

As an advanced transport way, pipeline transportation has great market potentiality in China, and it has been recognized and emphasized by more and more people with its characteristics of safety, high efficiency, shortcut, and lower operation cost. SINOPEC PSTC would like to cooperate with all customers from both of domestic and overseas earnestly.

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