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SINOPEC Northeast Company

Sinopec Northwest oil field Company and Sinopec Group Northwest petroleum Bureau, China Petroleum & Chemical Group and Northwest oil field Branch, China Petroleum & Chemical Limited Liability Corporation, located beautiful and rich Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, is one of Sinopec upstream oil field enterprise, headquarters in Urumqi, and the front directing base is located in Luntai county of Bayinguolen Mongolia autonomous canton. Tahe oil field of this company is located in gobi desert region of north desert Takelamagan of south Tianshan mountain where belongs to Xinjiang Luntai and Kuche county, the oil field is 50Km away from Luntai county to northeast, the elevation from surface is about 930m. Up to the end of year 2007, Northwest oil field branchCompany has possessed 9 oil gas exploration blocks in Tarim basin and the total exploration area is 28.5 thousands km2, the perspective resource 7.7739 billion tons of oil equivalent, 3 class geological reserves 2.501 billion tons of oil equivalent. 4 oil gas fields, Tahe, Xidaliya, Yakela, Dalaoba, are put in development, 536 wells are in production in total wells of 648, and accumulated production 30.91 million tons.

Northwest petroleum Bureau and Northwest oil field BranchCompany Sinopec, a contribution crew that belongs to former Geological Mineral Department had been engaged in petroleum geological reconnaissance exploration. It had participated in discovering Daqing, Liaohe and Shengli oil fields early or late, which contributed superiorly for the start and development of petroleum industry of new China. Since 1978, the year when it first came into Xinjiang, it had developed petroleum reconnaissance in Tarim, Zhunger and Tuha basins. On September 22, 1984, well SC2 deployed at Shaya uplift in Tarim basin realized important breakthrough, which means discovery of the first marine facies Paleozoic carbonate oil-gas field, and opened the large-scale oil-gas exploration. In 1997, well S46 and well S48, aiming at Ordovician carbonate exploration domain under paleo-eroding surface of early Hercynian period, had obtained high yielding and stable industrial oil-gas flow. The first Paleozoic marine facies large oil field, Tahe oil field, was discovered, which recognized the real important breakthrough to Paleozoic marine facies carbonate oil-gas exploration in China. From 2003 to 2007, Tahe oil field developed rapidly, the average annual crude oil production rate amplitude is more than 0.6 million tons, which is account for 80% improvement production amplitude of upstream in Sinopec. Tahe oil field is in the process of becoming the most important production improvement area and replacement region of Sinopec. In the year of 2007, oil production was 5.3625 million tons, natural gas 0.95 billion m3. The schemed oil production will be 6.09 million tons, natural gas 1.05 billion m3 in 2008.

The oil-gas exploration and development work of Northwest oil field BranchCompany has been gradually in the way of canonical and scientific development fast lane. The crude rate from 50 thousand tons in 1991 has rapidly reached 5.36 million tons in 2007. The oil field basal construction and surface productivity developed a lot. No.1, No2 and No.3 Tahe associate station, Yakela and Dalaoba assembly gas processing station has been set up early or later, crude oil collection system and the first heavy oil pipe laying in China has also been built up, which realized scientific collection processing for crude oil yielding. That will help a lot to Tahe oil field development. In 2005, Yakela, Dalaobai collection processing station and Ya-ku natural gas pipeline favorably put into production, which means the material progress has been made in development strategy of oil and gas advance together, resources complementarity each other and extending Xinjiang natural market in Northwest oil field BranchCompany. In the progress of rapid development, the crude oil rate of branch company ranks second place in Sinopec upstream oil field enterprises, production rate, benefit and profit for each person comes out top in every China large oil fields. At the same time, a set of results have been achieved in scientific innovation. Carbonate fractural-cavern oil field development theory was found, 6 carbonate fractural-cavern reservoir development technologies were innovated, the reform of 1 regime for 1 enterprise was completed in manage, 10 management system has been implementing, and scientific canonical function mechanism was set up primarily. At present, Northwest oil field BranchCompany is in the way of modern oil company which proposes: manage is scientific canonical, market is equitable credible, supervision is entire and powerful, development is concordant and high effectively.

In the mean time of self development, according to development thought of  "oil field and local place construct large oil field together, and the two parties consult with big development", Northwest petroleum bureau and Northwest oil field BranchCompany hammer at win-win idea, and a great deal effective work has been done, which impelled local economy construction. At the same time, the company pays a lot attention to morality education development. Xinjiang autonomous government praised the company as advanced unit in integrate administration for society public security  and sample unit of civilization. The civilization unit title has been got for 14 years consecutively. The whole China '5.1' diploma was honoured in 2001.

In the 11th 5-year-perid, Northwest petroleum bureau and Northwest oil field BranchCompany will increase exploration and development strength according to resource strategy , stabilizing rate in east, quickly increasing rate in west and largely developing natural gas, constituted of Sinopec, and makes idea,  looking for another Tahe below Tahe and another Tahe outside Tahe, as breakthrough. Until the year of 2010, the proved oil reserves will try be reached 1 billion tons, natural gas 250 billion cubic meters, new constructed crude oil productivity 11.38 million tons, and in the end of 11th 5-year-perid, the crude oil will try be reached 7-8 million tons, natural gas rate 2-3 billion cubic meters, the goal of 10 million tons oil equivalent will be realized. At the same time, Northwest petroleum bureau and Northwest oil field BranchCompany will implement the general policy of 17th Communist Party 's convention , with science development idea as direction, improve manage level entirely, increase independent innovation ability, enterprise and society, environment will develop harmoniously. It will try itself to do for the country's energy safety, development of Siniopec upstream and local economy construction. It will contribute a lot to west big development strategy and push socialism harmonious society construction.