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SINOPEC Gas Company

SINOPEC Gas Company(hereinafter referred as Gas Company) was established on 6th June, 2005. As a specialized company of Sinopec, the company is in charge of natural gas project construction, operation and sales of natural gas. It is an independent accounting unit and profit center.

Main businesses of Gas Company include: 1.Responsible for Construction work and Operation management of long distance gas transmission pipeline, LNG receiving terminal, CNG re-filling station, under-ground gas storage and so on of Sinopec. 2. Responsible for market development and gas sales work along the long distance gas transmission pipelines and of LNG project. 3. Responsible for joint venture cooperation work with provinces along the long distance transmission pipeline, operation of provincial and municipal pipeline network and development of terminal marketing sales business. 4. Responsible for management of regional companies and joint ventures.

Since its establishment, the Gas Company has fully stuck to Sinopec’s strategy of “great-leap-forward development of natural gas”. In accordance with requirement of integrating of “resource, pipeline network, market and efficiency”, Shandong natural gas pipeline network has been completed, the Sichuan to east China and the Yulin to Jinan gas transmission pipeline projects have been put into operation, and the Shandong LNG project is now under construction. The company has worked out marketing and sales strategies for natural gas development, and established three level sales networks, with markets covering Bohai Economic Rim, Yangzi River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region. At present, the Gas Company has an annual gas supply capacity of 8 billion m3, with markets covering 15 provinces and cities.

Address: No 67 A, Ande Road, Xicheng District, Beijing
Post code:100120
Tel:+86 (10) 51586658
Fax:+86 (10) 51586668