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SINOPEC Exploration Southern Company

SINOPEC Exploration Southern Company(Hereafter refer to Exploration Southern Company), which is located in Chengdu City Sichuan Province and was established in March 2007, is a sole professional oil&gas exploration company in SINOPEC, and overall responsible for the risk exploration of the new area in south China as exploration targeting marine strata in Mesozoic, Paleozoic and terrestrial strata in Mesozoic, Cainozoic. It holds 42 exploration licences with 8.6 trillion cubic meters total resource in 180 thousand square kilometers covered 12 provinces (municipals, districts) such as Sichuan, Chongqing,Guizhou and Guangxi etc. 

Exploration Southern Company is a full affiliate of SINOPEC with expenditures mainly on exploration. Its KPIs are all kinds of discovered oil & gas geological reserves. Project management is adopted as its operation mechanism, through competitive bidding strategy to select the professional team to undertake engineering projects. 

Since the 10th Five-Year Plan, through the innovations of theories, thoughts ,technologies and management, Exploration Southern Company has found five medium-to-large sized gas fields such as the Puguang,Yuanba,Heba,Malubei,Xinlong and made significant breakthrough in six new exploration fields such as shale gas, terrestrial strata, Marine strata in west Sichuan, Foothill belt etc. By the end of 2011, the various reserves totaled up to 1.97 trillion cubic meters. 

Exploration Southern Company continues to promote scientific and technological innovation, has formed a series of geological theory and related supporting technical methods for southern marine oil and gas exploration. It is leading the world in marine hydrocarbon accumulation theory, reef-facies reservoir description technology, deep well drilling and test techniques in the condition of high temperature, high pressure, high sulfur content. 

In recent years, Exploration Southern Company has been awarded 1 first prize of “National Science and Technology Progress”; 1 first prize of “National Energy Science and Technology Progress”; 1 first prize of “Distinguished Mining Exploration Project” from the Ministry of Land and Resources; 5 first prizes of “Sinopec Science and Technology Progress Award”, 13 second or third prizes from Province/Ministry; 2 Grand prizes of “Oil & Gas Exploration Award”,13 prizes of “Significant Breakthrough/Discovery”,and “Excellent Group for Technological Innovation from Sinopec; it also won as an excellent safety unit of Sinopec Group for six consecutive years (2006-2011). 

Exploration Southern Company will push forward the oil & gas exploration in three levels of "strategic launching, strategic breakthrough, strategic preparation " to secure natural gas proven reserves increment of 450 billion cubic meters during the “12th Five-Year plan” period Currently, making a great contribution for constructing SINOPEC into an international first class energy and petro-chemical corporation. Exploration Southern Company will, based on the Sichuan Basin, enhance the integration exploration and development, implement three-dimensional exploration, achieve maximized exploration efficiency through discovering scaled proven reserves; strive to gain breakthroughs in key areas by actively preparing for the outlying exploration areas, and by strengthening the marine accumulation theoretical study and evaluating the selected favorable exploration belts and areas; build production capability try area for commercial shale hydrocarbon and expand resources through strengthen evaluation of unconventional oil and gas resources. 

Address: GaoXinZhiXin building, 9#,4th south section,second ring road, Chengdu, Sichuan 
Phone: 028-85164709; Zip code: 610041. 
Fax: 028-85164600. 
E-mail: ktnfzhb@nfSINOPEC.com.cn