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SINOPEC Pipeline Transport & Storage Company

SINOPEC Pipeline Transport & Storage Company

SINOPEC Pipeline Storage & Transport Company (PSTC for short) is pipeline specialty company and connect up and down stream petroleum enterprises within SINOPEC. The PSTC has 11 oil transport production units and 37 line oil pipeline, including Nanjing、 Liaochen、 Xinxiang、 Changzhou、 Xiangfang、 Luning、 Yichang、 Hongjin、 Jingtang、 and Huandao etc; The company headquarters is located in Xuzhou c, Jiangsu province. PSTC  has 6132.24 km pipeline in total length, the total oil tank capacity is 25.33 million and a transmission capacity of crude oil is 141.7 million tons per year. PSTC takes the charge of transporting crude oil from five oil fields, Shengli, Zhongyuan , Henan ,Jianghan  as well as import crude oil . The PSTC transport crude oil For Yanshan Petrochemical Corp. Tianjin Petrochemical Corp. Qilu Petrochemical Corp. Qingdao Petrochemical Corp. yizheng Petrochemical Corp. Jinning  Petrochemical Corp. Yangzi  Petrochemical Corp, Shanghai Petrochemical Corp,  Anqing Petrochemical Corp, Jiujiang Petrochemical Corp, Jinmeng Petrochemical Corp, Luoyang Petrochemical Corp,… 20 refining centers or large petroleum enterprise which are located in North-China, the middle—stream and downstream of the Yangzi river and South-East China cost areas.

In recent years, with the development of SINOPEC resource stratagem, PSTC business has got rapid development. In 2010, PSTC crude oil transmission volume exceeded 100 million tons, and the eleventh safety operation year comes true. In 2011, PSTC would further get hold of the opportunity of pipeline development, give priority to “I want safety”、“compare study catch up help go beyond” campaign and decrease energy sources and decrease cost,  push  science and technology on the upgrade and management innovation, insist people foremost, pay more attention and improve employee living condition, fully  mobilize staff enthusiasm ,comprehensive complete each task and realize tenth safety production year, to make great contribution for SINOPEC to become a competitive international energy and chemical company.

Pipeline transportation, as an advanced oil & gas transport mode, has great market potentiality and has been recognized and emphasized by more and more people with its characteristics of safety, higher efficiency, shortcut, and transportation cost. PSTC would like to cooperation with all customers from both domestic and overseas earnestly.

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