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SINOPEC Beijing Oil Products Company

Beijing Oil Products Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Oil") is the petroleum products sales company of Sinopec, whose main products are unleaded petrol, diesel, kerosene, lubrication, fuel oil and non-petrol products. The predecessor of BEIJING OIL was Beijing Petroleum Group Co. Ltd, which was established in 1950. In September 1998, it was transferred to Sinopec entirely. After years of development, Beijing Oil has become a large oil sales enterprise, which has in possession of 11 active oil depots, 580 self managed service stations, 158 km gasoline and diesel pipeline, and 98 km aviation coal oil pipeline. It has formed a marketing network covering Beijing city and countryside and an ever-improving service system, and contributed greatly to the capital's economic development. 

For many years, according to the vision of “building Beijing oil to be a domestically leading, globally first-class oil sales enterprise”, following the value of "people-oriented, harmony and mutual benefit", Beijing Oil has carried forward “loyalty, friendship, striving, innovation” spirit and "continually perfecting, modest, pragmatic and efficient, optimistic " business style, hold "standard ethics, supreme services, and mutual developments" business philosophy, adhered to the "illuminating the petrochemical brand, fuelling the capital development" enterprise mission, from all these above, we preformed well in the Olympic games, the 60th national day and other political activities, fulfilled the “three responsibility”, supported and promoted the prosperous development of capital’s economic society. 

Recently, Beijing Oil has used “to study the practice the scientific concept of development” as the guidance, solidly carried out “A good” and “compete, learn, pursuit, help and exceed” activities, used “position image construction, counter image construction” words to be the tongs, conscientiously made every drop count, firmly established the awareness of “everyone should be the image ambassador of Sinopec”, executed client and employee “double satisfaction” project, strived to be a flag of windows service, gained high evaluations from the central government "A good" office and managerial levels in Sinopec. 

In 2012, Beijing oil will closely united around the central principal of reform and innovation, supreme service, operation and development, safety and steady; to work hard, keep forward, and to promote a healthy, sustainable and harmonious development; constructing the first-class enterprise 

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