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SINOPEC Hebei Oil Products Company

SINOPEC Hebei Oil Products Company (called Hebei Oil Products Company for short) is a large-sized state owned enterprise, which is situated in the North China plain and the economic zone around Bohai Sea. It located near Beijing and Tianjin, and has convenient transportation. 

Hebei Oil Products Company specialized in the marketing of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other petrol-chemical products.The total selling volume of Hebei Oil Products Company has taken 65% of the total market share in the area. 

Hebei Oil Products Company has 11city-level subsidiaries. 

By the end of 2011, the total assets of Hebei Oil Products Company had been valued at RMB 100billion yuan. With total capacity of 649850cubic meters, 18oil depots are scattered all over Hebei province and. 16special railways, with total length of 18km have been constructed. Hebei Oil Products Company set 1913 petrol (and LPG) stations. Its selling system covers the whole province. 

By 2011, The sales volume was624 million tons. 

In order to win the most economic benefit, Hebei Oil Products Company positively promotes the reform and restructure within the company to meet the need of market and society. The company implements the strategy of keeping high efficiency inside the company and enlarging its market share outside the company. The Company has reformed its operating structure according to the law of commodity circulation. Within the new operating structure, the materials are allocated according to the unified plan and the capital is settled uniformly. 

Facing the market competition, Hebei Oil Products Company is marching toward the new success. 

Address: NO.6 Huai An East Road,Shijiazhuang , Hebei Province, China 
Post Code: 050021 
Tel: (0311) 87182501 
Fax: (0311) 87182888