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SINOPEC Shanxi Oil Products Company

Shanxi oil branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Shanxi Oil ) is established in Shanxi oil products sales company, Shanxi oil is the largest oil products sales enterprises, under the jurisdiction of the 11 branch, 143 operating area, more than 1500 gas station, there are 15 oil depots with total storage capacity 530000 cubic meters, main gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants, fuel oil, and other business. 

As of 2000, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation 's successful IPO, with the state-owend enterprise reform of the East, by Sinopec Shanxi oil aboard the aircraft carrier in the state-owned enterprises, to stabilize harmonious development continuously in another spring. In 2011, under the correct leadership and scientific guidance of Sinopec Group Company, joint-stock company of in the province's system of cadre worker solidarity and joint efforts, Shanxi oil combine enterprise oneself development, increase the annual work targets, aiming at economic benefits, to" help than the school rush super" work as the starting point, carry out seriously implement scientific concept of development, adhere to the oil catch, with dose effect into account, to overcome the international oil market shocks ups and downs, the domestic market is complex and changeable, competitive situation more hasten is intense, oil resources after loosening before, pipeline dump monthly increase in multiple difficulties, through pay close attention to resources, optimizing logistics distribution, liven sale actively, expand business networks, strengthen customer service, standardize enterprise management, deepen the promotion party ideological and political work, to" serve the people achieve contend for actor" activity as the driving force, get together popular feeling, drum drive, safety, security and stability, promoting harmony, promoting and managing jumped the last new level, strong effective performance of state-owned enterprise's political responsibility and social responsibility, seize the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan " of the bureau year new victory. Annual sales amounted to 5288100 tons, grow 19.41% compared to the same period. Non oil turnover 225000000 yuan, grow 81% compared to the same period. Total sales income breaks through 40000000000 yuan, grow 27.5% compared to the same period. 

In the bigger, stronger enterprise at the same time, Shanxi oil always adhere to combine corporate culture in management activities, and actively promote the Sinopec" good faith, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, pay attention to breed" fine rigorous, pragmatic and innovative" business style, to create a" I love China, revitalize petrifaction" spirit of enterprise. Over the years, adhere to the "credibility first, customer first " principle of service, continue to carry out the "measurement accuracy, quality, price, first-class service" excellent service activity. Operating in the main position of gas station, from the lead vehicle, the cover gas to the settlement of such bills, execute " one-stop" service, and the full implementation of" scientific management, style of militarization, service of hotels and gesture police " and " eight steps" to first-class service standards. In the vast land of Shanxi, neat appearance, unified image, labeled" Sinopec gas station" spread all over urban and rural highways, become a beautiful scenery. "See petrochemical" has become a vast number of friends of the driver of the pet phrase. In promoting the development of enterprises in the process, Shanxi oil person with high morale, the spirit of innovation, new ideas, through the full interpretation of every word and action of the management and service of truth, deducing the deep connotation of enterprise culture.The new historical period, Shanxi petroleum will hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, continue to study and implement the scientific outlook on development, actively implement the management strategy of Sinopec Group, emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, keeping pace with the times, forge ahead, to be with the market oriented, it is a center with benefit, suit one's measures to local conditions, scientific decision-making, liven management, deepen the reform, innovation management, improve the service, promote the brand, to create the image, people-oriented, human resources, to ensure stable, harmonious, promote enterprises sustainable development, to promote Jin Fumin, Sinopec to build a world-class chemical energy company to make new contribution! 

Address: No. 8 Dawang Road, Wanbailin District Taiyuan, Shanxi China 
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